Fitness dictates the amount of life we get to enjoy, and dumbbells are one of the best ways to extend the scope and depth of that enjoyment.

Smile more, do more, see more, and simply enjoy the compliments of others on your new-found physique.

It’s addictive.

So, buy the best adjustable dumbbells now and save yourself cluttered piles of weights and wasted time. Adjustable weights will offer you better change ranges. They’ll provide quicker swapping, and far better space-saving than non-adjustable versions.

Top 7 Adjustable Dumbbells For 2018

Below you’ll find the top picks, as chosen by fitness experts and the general public, with some of the best dumbbells brands for both performance and price being among the list.

Use the comparison table below to get an idea of what is available. Use our links to be taken directly to the cheapest price possible.

Adjustable DumbellsWeight Range (Each)Increments 
Bowflex SelectTech 109010 to 90 pounds5 pounds
PowerBlock Sport 24 Pound Dumbbell Set3 to 24 pounds3 pounds
PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells5 to 50 (90 with expansion kit)10 pounds
Lion Roar Fitness InfiDeals0 – 60 poundsVarious
Yes4All Adjustable 500 – 50 poundsVarious
Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock with Stand5 – 75 pounds2.5 pounds
Bowflex SelectTech 5525 – 52.5 pounds2.5 pounds

We’ve organised our best adjustable dumbbells by the range of adjustment in each weight. Those with larger ranges will offer better lifetime use, while those with smaller ranges will tend to be (but not always be) faster than their larger ranges.

In order to add a bit more context to that range, we’ve also included the adjustment increments to show how precise you can get with your training, and also to get an idea of adjustment time.

Note, with the more expensive versions that sit in a cradle, increments can both be very precise while also taking mere seconds to switch from the lowest to the maximum.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 (Single) – Best Single Dumbbell for the Home

best adjustable dumbbells 2018

Bowflex is an instantly recognizable name among the fitness industry. It’s no surprise why. A quick search of “bowflex reddit dumbells” will reveal that they are described as a premium brand.

Their fame comes from the fact that every penny you spend with them is money well spent.

Note, the Bowflex SelectTech is bought in singles, rather than pairs. The BowSelectTech 1090 offers a range between 10 and 90 pounds and changes up in 5 pound increments. To change the increments you simple set it down into its neat-and-tidy cradle.

Then you turn the dial to the number of weight in which you want to lift. In terms of use and function, very few other best adjustable dumbbells come close to the same speed and convenience.

90 pounds is clearly more than the average person will ever need, but it’s nice to have it there.

Consider the maximum amount of weight included with your adjustable dumbells as potential. The more potential, the more chance that you’ll push yourself further.

Push those goals further. In order to be strong, you have to have the weight to lift.

If you underestimate how much you need, then you could be left spending way more in the long run. With the Bowflex Select Tech 1090, you don’t have that problem. The large initial investment is well worth it, and remember you don’t have to buy both at the same time.

Start with one, and buy the other one later.

What We Liked

  • Up to 90 pound range (40 heavier than normal)
  • Cradle with instant weight change
  • Moulded weights don’t clatter together

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quite pricey
  • Only get one

PowerBlock Sport 24 Pound Dumbbell Set – Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Beginners

best dumbbells for home

Powerblock adjustable dumbbells are well known for their strange design. At first you’ll be shocked and perhaps put-off by the strange shape. Surely they’re difficult to hold? Not at all.

They make look like a weapon from a futuristic TV show, but they’re not actually that different once lifted from the cradle of weights.

You simply reach into the middle and hold the handle, lifting it like you would do with a normal dumbbell. They work using the same weight stacking method as gym weight sets and lock very securely. The Sport Edition offers a smaller range.

Intended for more sporty types. Providing a maximum of 24 pounds per dumbbell in 2 pound increments. This is very much the ‘lite’ version of the next spot on our list, another Powerblock model with far more weight.

However, for most people this weight range will be more than sufficient to obtain a toned and sexy body.

The lower weight amount means more reps. Which means more cardio, which means less far and a more defined look around your muscle.

That tends to be what the average buyer wants, but for those of you looking to be as strong as possible, then consider the 50 pound version which is coming up next.

What We Liked

  • 3 – 24 pound ‘sporty’ weight range
  • 3 pound increments
  • Instant weight change

What We Didn’t Like

  • Strength focused users should go for heavier weights
  • On rare occasions the design does feel awkward

PowerBlock Elite 50 Pound Dumbbell Set – Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Home

best adjustable dumbbells bodybuilding

As anyone who cares about fitness knows, weights are an addiction. You very quickly start a collection of various weights for different workouts. And while no dumbbell is going to do everything, the PowerBlock Elite gets pretty close to it.

It’s our choice for best dumbbells for the home because of the fantastic amount of space you can save with them. Weight goes up in 10 pound increments, which is less precise than larger sets but will be more realistic for many.

You can upgrade your set to 90 pounds per hand later on too, so they are certainly a lifetime investment. The PowerBlock Elite 50 is an entire gym that, quite literally, fits into the palm of your hand.

You just have to curl that palm and get lifting. In no time you’ll be the healthiest you’ve ever been and your home will, thankfully, not be covered in piles of various weights.

50 pounds is perfect for the serious user, and also for those who value a long term investment. Like we said earlier, the amount of weight you have access to allows you a greater potential for growth and the PowerBlock hits the sweet spot for that.

50 pounds might sound intimidating, but the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell allows you very precise weight changing. All in very manageable increments.

Plus, it’s insanely quick to change. Instant, even. Which gives you more time for building your body or enjoying your life.

No more awkward spinning locks. You just slot the weights in and away you go.

What We Liked

  • Instant 5 – 50 pound weight change
  • Upgradeable to 70 and 90 pounds
  • Instant weight change

What We Didn’t Like

  • 10 pound increments
  • On rare occasions the design does feel awkward

Lion Roar Fitness InfiDeals – Most Affordable >100lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

ironmaster quick lock dumbbells

Maybe you’re not a fan of these less-than-traditional designs. Maybe you want something that captures the raw iron pumping feel of a traditional warehouse gym. Yet you still want something big and weighty.

The type of weight that will force your muscles to expand in as short as time as possible.

Well, Lion Roar Fitness Infinideals offer the most affordable 100 pound dumbbells on the market. They’re ideal for fitness fanatics, for those who want to add to their current setup or for beginners who just want one of the best adjustable dumbbells. 

100 pounds is certainly more than the average person on the street needs. Indeed, it’s more than the average gym user needs. But if you’re already big, or want to be as big as possible, then 100 pounds is the potential that you need to have.

It’s better to have that room to grow, than to cap yourself off. However, the traditional look and affordable price have a downside. They strip these dumbells of all the bells and whistles that come wit more expensive options on this list.

For some, that might a good thing though.

What We Liked

  • Steel spin-lock collars
  • Upgradeable to 70 and 90 pounds
  • Moulded weights don’t clatter together

What We Didn’t Like

  • Usual dumbbell ‘rattle’
  • Screw design

Yes4Alls Adjustable Dubbells – Cheapest Adjustable Dumbbells

core fitness adjustable dumbbells

If numbers like 20 pounds make your huge arms laugh then here’s something for you. Or, maybe you want something traditional with plenty of room for stacking weights in the long term. Yes4Alls adjustable dumbbells come in a range of sizes.

All of them being entirely compatible with one another so you can keep stacking until your heart’s content. Or until you reach 200 pounds in each hand which is a pretty crazy amount.

If you want long term investment without any of the bells and whistles of other adjustable dumbbells, then this is the choice for you.

For the money you save, you’ll make up in time spent adjusting the weights. Using the steel spin-lock collars takes precious minutes. but that’s also valuable mental time for many people. It means waiting longer for your gains, but you’ll also save yourself a lot of cash too.

Thankfully, despite the traditional design, the weights are molded and vinyl covered, so that there is none of the annoying clatter and small amount of spin, that is the pet peeve of many a gym- goer.

What We Liked

  • Steel spin-lock collars
  • Upgradeable to 70 and 90 pounds
  • Moulded weights don’t clatter together

What We Didn’t Like

  • Screw design
  • No bells and whistles

Ironmaster – Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set for a Home Gym

ironmaster dumbbells review

Adjustable weights are space-saving because they mean only 1 bar per dumbbell. You store the weights elsewhere – a cradle, for example.

But this creates 2 problems for yourself. The first problem is that you just don’t have the range of adjustment that you want.

OR, you do, except you have a pile of ugly weights to leave around when you’re not using them.

Well Ironmaster has heard your problems and has responded by creating this absolutely gorgeous piece of kit. It costs a big number, but it’s certainly one way to put your money where your mouth is, and start stacking the muscle on.

The weights look gorgeous, so does every single inch of the stand that comes with the weights. Topped with a lifetime guarantee, you have access to up to 75 pounds of weight in 2.5 lbs increments with extremely quick weight changing times.

The whole setup is very much a commercial-level weight set, but for a single person.

What We Liked

  • Commercial level quality
  • Up to 70 pounds in 2.5 pound increments
  • Full metal store & display stand

What We Didn’t Like

  • Images exaggerate the size of the stand
  • Quicklock, but still not as quick as cradle-types

Bowflex SelectTech 552 – Best Adjustable Dumbbell Pair

adjustable dumbbell weight set by core fitness

If you’re going to buy a pair then you can hardly do better than the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbell set. Bowflex is the ideal balance between the more affordable options on this list and the Bowflex 1090 mentioned above.

Of course, the main appeal is that this Bowflex comes with a companion, so you buy everything in one go and then, well – off you go.

Each dumbbell can adjust from 5 to 52.5 pounds. That ratio of weights is going to last even the most dedicated and intense fitness lover, and especially since you’re covered by a two-year warranty.

Changing weights up is as easy as setting the weight in its cradle, and simply turning the dial to the appropriate number. Then, just lift it up and away you go.

Additional benefits of this setup is the fact that it saves an enormous amount of space. Replacing a whole gyms worth of equipment in two small dumbells.

Plus, it’s all stored away neatly in the solid-cradle. You don’t have to worry about children or pets either, since the entire setup is durable and safe. Each weight is locked into place with no chance of slipping or moving or clanking or anything else that annoys the typical dumbbell user.

You’ll have none of it.

What We Liked

  • Instant weight change
  • Great weight range
  • 2.5lb increments

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has to be placed inside cradle in a very particular way
  • Expensive

Best Adjustable Dumbbells – Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing a nice pair of dumbbells. The first one is whether you really need a pair of them.

Singles vs Pairs

Do you pay more for a single dumbbell, or do you buy a set? Well the quick answer is NO. If you want the a Bowflex but can only afford one, then buy the single one now. and another one to complete the pair later on.

Now, there is one enormous benefit of buying a pair, which is that it’s better for beginners. If you’re a total novice then you’ll find it easier to use two dumbbells and do a full workout, rather than if you try to start out with just one.


Speaking of beginning. Do you know how much weight you need? Weights are heavier than you think, and many of you will be more than happy with 25lbs.

If you’re under 18, you shouldn’t really be trying to lift anything heavier than is comfortable.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552’s certainly give you the perfect range for almost any person. If you’re looking to get fit, 25 is a good max, if you’re looking to really build muscle, then up to 50 is fine.

If you want to be as strong as possible, then reach for the 200 pounds and you’ll definitely reach it eventually.


If you were buying a new body, would you look for the cheapest deal possible or trade all that money for one of the few guarantees of a better life? Would you spend hours trying to avoid buying a body that will make you feel more alive than ever?

No, you’d do everything in your power to swap those useless paper notes for something that matters. A good pair of dumbbells is the key to unlocking a life full of energy, happiness, and pride in yourself.

Price is the last thing you should be looking at when it comes to fitness equipment and you should pay the maximum your budget allows. Cost = motivation. The more you pay, the more you’ll definitely stick to a routine.

Speed of Change

If you’re serious about your workout then you need to be able to change weights as quick as possible for different sets and routines. Even moving from a warm-up to a proper weight amount requires precious seconds.

Every second makes a difference when it comes to fitness. Especially if you’re a busy person and don’t have a lot of time in your regular life. So when you’re buying the best adjustable dumbbells you need to make sure that they are as quick as possible to change.


We are constantly saying that aesthetics matter and it’s even more important here. If these things are going to sit around your home then yes, it does matter how they look.

Make sure that you’re not making your home gym look amateur, and make sure you’re not self conscious when using them. Feel confident and look confident, and that starts with surrounding yourself with things that make you feel confident.


In our professional opinion the clear winner of the title for best adjustable dumbbells are the PowerBlock Elite 50 Pound Dumbbell Set. Which satisfies just about any need other than a cheap price.

As we’ve said, the price is the last thing you should be worrying about when it’s your own body.

Yes, you’re paying a premium price, but that’s what a better life costs.

A better life not just for you but for everyone who relies on you, interacts with you, and grows as a person due to your own growth. That’s what these best adjustable dumbbells provide.

They’re space-saving, quick to adjust and they come in a set. They suit everyone from beginners to pro’s. And if you’re looking for the most cost effective set of adjustable dumbbells – then Powerblock dumbbells are your best choice.