For many people, bathrobes aren’t really an essential item. However, many others are freezing when they get out of the shower or bath, and need something warm to put on that’s not going to get all damp and soggy after.

Bathrobes are especially great after a good workout at the gym or at home. They help to make your body feel relaxed and you will instantly feel like you’re in a luxurious spa.

Not only that, but bathrobes make excellent loungewear, and are perfect for sitting on the balcony in the morning, drinking a coffee, and reading the newspaper.

So, which are the best bathrobes for women? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Top 6 Bathrobes For Women In 2018

Here’s a quick overview of the best bathrobes for women in 2018.

ProductMaterialAt a GlanceURL
Seven Apparel CollectionMicro-brushed fiberExcellent budget product, soft plush robe, machine wash, knee-length, herringbone texture, large front pocket and belt, comes in an array of colors
TowelSelections Turkish Cotton RobeTurkish CottonLightweight, kimono-style, very absorbent, removable belt, two front pockets, machine washable
Jockey Women’s RobeCottonMachine wash, three-quarter sleeve, side pockets, self-tie, inner tie, flat shawl collar
Richie House Fleece BathrobePolyester FleecePlush, warm, very soft, durable, two oversize front pockets, self-tied belt, luxurious, shawl collar, array of colors to choose from
Alexander Del Rossa BathrobePolyester Microfiber FleeceVery soft and warm, lightweight, warm hood, two large pockets, comes in wide array of colors, full-length design, double belt loops, inactive dyes
Alexander Del Rossa Satin Polyester SatinFull-length, inside tie closure, matching belt, durable, machine washable, comes in variety of colors, very soft and smooth

Now that you’ve seen which are the best bathrobes for women, scroll down a bit further to read each in-depth review of the products you’ve got your eye on!

Seven Apparel – Best Budget Product

who makes the best bathrobe

Are you on the hunt for one of the best luxury robes out there today, but are searching for a budget?

We can help!

We understand how tough it can be to find an actual high-quality bathrobe out there that’s going to feel nice and comfortable and still keep you warm without breaking the bank.

The Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Plush Robe has caught the attention of many consumers out there, and for plenty of reasons!

We understand that bathrobes aren’t, or shouldn’t be complicated. What you really need is something comfortable, lightweight, warm, and fashionable, without being too much for your own budget. This bathrobe is made out of polyester brushed microfibers, which is super plush, soft, and warm.

However, it’s not so warm that you can’t wear it all year-round. It’s perfect for any season, and is so comfortable you won’t want to take it off!

The knee-length robe also features an attractive herringbone texture, as well as a large front pocket to hold things like snacks or your smartphone, and a self-belt to give it a fitted look and feel.

So when you’re done with your workout, you can just put these on, and you have everything you’ll ever need!

Choose from various colors: white, blue, fuchsia, light pink, aqua blue, bright pink, and dark coral. We personally just liked the classic white, as it’s something you probably won’t get tired of, and always looks nice.

So, what didn’t we like?

We didn’t like the fact that the robe only came in one size. While it will fit many consumers, it probably isn’t going to fit all of them. This may result in you not having the fit you like or feel comfortable in.

What We Liked

  • Made of ultra-soft brushed microfiber
  • Great price
  • Comes in an array of colors
  • Large front pocket and self-tie

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only comes in one size

TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Robe – Best After Shower Product

best material for bathrobes

You may be wondering “what is the best bathrobe material”? Well, we can’t say which is the definitive “best”, as that’s more of a personal opinion, but Turkish cotton is generally seen as the best you can get.

With that being said, we felt we had to add the TowelSeletions Turkish Cotton Robe to our list!

Made of incredibly soft cotton material that is pliable and almost sponge-like, it is surprisingly great at keeping you nice and toasty during the colder seasons while being light enough to be the perfect compliment to summer mornings.

Have you ever put on a robe after the shower or pool with the hopes of achieving comfort, only to have the fabric absorb all the water and weigh you down?

We know the feeling!

The woven cotton fabric of this Turkish cotton bathrobe features long loops which are perfect for absorbing large amounts of water without feeling like you’re wearing a soggy piece of linen.

What, exactly is Turkish cotton? Well, it’s grown in the coastal regions of the Aegean Sea and is synonymous with luxury. Cotton is generally softer and more durable than polyester and is also better for the environment, so it’s an all-around win!

In the front, you’ll find two large, strategically-placed pockets, which means you can hold everything you need without getting out of your robe for the day. Okay, you should probably get dressed at some point, but you don’t have to.

the best robes for womenThe robe is a medium-length one, which means the length varies by size. Oh, and speaking of sizes, they come in an extra small/small, a small/medium, a medium/large, a large/x-large, and an x-large/xx-large, so there’s really something for everyone. For specific measurements, go ahead and check out the link.

The cotton terry robe is machine washable and should be washed in warm water, and tumble dry low warmth.

Something that we did notice, is that sometimes the loops can be pulled. This could be irritating to some but doesn’t happen enough to really be a big problem. If you do see a pulled loop, simple cut the circle with a pair of scissors. It doesn’t affect the look of the robe, at all!

The robe comes in a variety of attractive colors for you to choose from: Lupine, Malaga, Ivory, Desert Sand, Dusty Olive, Deep Taupe, Ginger Spice, Red, Blue, White, Pastel Lilac, Green Lake, Golden Cream, Flint Stone, and Deep Sea.

What We Liked

  • Made of soft, warm Turkish cotton
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Absorbs water well; almost spongey feeling
  • Features two large pockets and self-tie

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes gets pulled loops

Jockey Women’s Robe – Most Fashionable Product

women's bathrobes with zipper front

Jockey is a brand that most are already familiar with, and know their products to consistently be reliable, comfortable, and fashionable.

That is exactly what their women’s robe exudes: comfort and quality, packaged into a garment that looks beautiful on.

It is a step backward from the fleece or Turkish Cotton, aiming instead for a more simple, fashionable look. The three-quarter sleeve robe features a semi-revealing v-neckline and you’ll also notice it’s much shorter than the other bathrobes we have on our list. It stops just at the knee, or right above (depending on your height).

If you’re looking for a great summer or warm weather robe, then this is the one for you. The lightweight cotton is perfectly-suited for any time you want some coverage, but don’t want to put on a heavy, warm cover-up.

As it is made of cotton, you’ll notice that it’s very soft and silky. It is a bit less absorbent than Turkish cotton, so keep that in mind. It features a soft, flat shawl collar, as well as double pockets in the front, and a matching sash with an inside self-tie.

While it may not seem like a big deal, having a sash with an inside tie makes a big difference in terms of comfort. You don’t have to keep adjusting your sash with the inside tie!

It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so there’s something for everyone in terms of fit and taste!

What We Liked

  • Made of 100% soft, lightweight cotton
  • Comes in variety of sizes and colors
  • Flat shawl collar, double pockets, sash, inside self-tie
  • Fashionable, flirty design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for colder conditions
  • Not as absorbent as Turkish cotton

Richie House Fleece Robe – Editor’s Pick

lightweight robes for women

One of the best luxury robes on the market today is the Richie House Fleece Robe. At first glance, you can tell that it definitely looks luxurious, but does the actual comfortability and practicality live up to the looks?

We can give a resounding “heck, yes!” a million times over!

Needless to say, we tried out so many robes, our skin was starting to get irritated from all of the different fabrics rubbing against our skin, but this one was a breath of fresh air.

So many robes are there for fashion or as a simple coverup, but this is a bathrobe you can truly “live” in, especially if you need it to keep warm in the mornings or after a bath!

Made of 100% polyester fleece, we definitely consider this one of the warmest robes in the world. It’s incredibly plush, soft, and comfortable in a way that wearing your favorite blanket would be, albeit a bit more easy and fashionable to wear. This one also upholds its softness through washes, which we were worried about, and pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

Something else we’d like to mention that we really appreciated, is the overall level of quality and attention to detail Richie House clearly put into this robe. The stitching is perfect and made with durability and attractiveness in mind.

womens cotton bath robes 2018Around the shawl collar, sleeves, and edges of the pockets are a kind of pleated design that adds to the 5-star look and feel of the robe and was a really nice touch. The collar stands out and bumps up the comfortability knob up a notch. The two oversized front pockets add versatility and functionality to the design and make it easy for holding your smartphone or tv remote.

The robe length will obviously vary a bit depending on your own height and the size you choose, but generally speaking, it comes down to the middle of your shin, so there isn’t much exposed to the cold. The only thing that could be seen as a “con”, would be that it’s not really summer-ready given that it’s so warm.

The robe comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large. The colors and prints vary widely, and include: Light Pink & Flower, Grey Print, White & Hearts, White & Flower, Striped, Rose, Red, Peach, Grey Cheetah, Flower, Purple, Pink Flannel, Pink, Nude, Pale Mauve, Nude, Fuchsia, Dark Purple, Blue, Black, and Grey.

What We Liked

  • Comes in huge variety of colors, and different sizes
  • Impressively warm, soft, and luxurious
  • Great price point for the level of quality
  • Durable stitching with high attention to detail
  • Luxurious design
  • Two large front pockets and self-belt

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for warm weather

Alexander Del Rossa Microfiber Plush Robe – Best Product for Winter Lounging

luxury bathrobes for women

If you’ve done some research at all on the best bathrobes for women, you’ve no doubt come across Alexander Del Rossa robes. This thick, soft robe is made of premium fleece fabric; perfect to keep you warm without weighing you down!

The women’s fleece robe is designed with you in mind, and not only looks luxurious but feels it. Use it to lounge around the house, sip tea on the front porch, or use it to cover up when you’re done working out!

The 15-ounce, high-quality fleece is extremely soft and cozy, which is perfect for cold weather, and helps you to relax. The 100% polyester fleece fabric is also very durable, and the design features an extra-thick neckline, large hems on the sleeves, and a double-belt loop sash.

The hood is a wonderful touch, especially if you’re someone who’s always cold! Two large, front pockets let you keep the essentials in close proximity while being able to stay lounging!

The robes are available in four sizes: small/medium, large/extra-large, XXL/XXXL, and XXXL/XXXXL, and the way the robe is cut is great at accommodating middle sizes.

The Del Rossa bathrobe probably features the widest selection of colors and patterns we’ve seen, click the link to see them all!

What We Liked

  • Comes in huge array of colors, patterns, and designs
  • Two front pockets, self-tie, and a hood to keep you warm
  • Made of extra-plush polyester fleece
  • Luxurious design and construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for warmer weather

Alexander Del Rossa Silk – Best Silk Product

100% silk robes for women reviews

Among some of the best silk robes on the market, is this women’s satin robe from Alexander Del Rossa. Yes, we know we just had one of their products previously listed, but we couldn’t leave this one out!

Made from premium, 100% polyester satin fabric, this women’s lounge robe is comfortable, made-to-last, and looks amazing! Designed with you in mind, it’s ideal for lounging about or wearing while doing your makeup so you’re comfortable and your clothes don’t get dirty!

Most silk robes come with a high price tag and are difficult to maintain, but polyester satin makes things much easier for you. It’s still super silky to the touch, and feels wonderful on the skin, without having to pay for it.

The satin is wrinkle-resistant, as well as fade-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about treating it like fine china every time you put it one! With silk robes, you may know that a secure closure can be difficult to obtain. That’s why they’ve added on an inside tie closure, as well as the exterior belt.

The full-length design is elegant, yet versatile, and will definitely become apart of your sleepwear essentials!

The robe comes in various sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, 2X, 3X, and 4X! It comes in whopping 25 different colors and design combinations. We won’t go ahead and list them all because there are so many, but you can check them all out at the link below.

What We Liked

  • Comes in huge array of different colors and designs
  • Smooth, soft feel against the skin
  • Perfect for covering up when doing makeup or lounging about
  • Made to last with excellent construction
  • Wrinkle-and-fade-resistant

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for keeping warm in colder environments

Best X  – Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best bathrobe for women, there’s a lot to take into consideration; well, definitely more than what meets the eye. Think about if you’re purchasing for yourself, or if you’re buying a gift. After that, there are some other factors to consider. Just go ahead and scroll down, and we’ll have you purchasing the best one!


Think about why you or the person you’re purchasing for wants a bathrobe. Are they someone who loves lounging around but doesn’t have anything suitable? Are they always cold? Or is it just something you want to relax in after some sort of sport? These are things to take into consideration.

If the use will be to use directly after bathing, really think about if they’re going to absorb water well and are somewhat-similar to traditional shower towels. If it’s going to be solely used as a mode of comfort, then that kind of fabric isn’t really necessary.


Which kind of fabric brings us to our next point! We recommend Turkish cotton over any other fabric, but that’s just us. It’s the ultimate in comfort and luxury for many, however, there are others who prefer fleece or silk, which have their own characteristics.

Fleece is often very durable, but isn’t very environmentally-friendly and doesn’t absorb water as well. However, if you’re just using the bathrobe to keep warm, then this could be a good option. Silk is terrible at absorbing water, so we don’t recommend these for after bathing. However, if you just want something for covering up or lounging in, it’s a great choice.


The fabric has a huge effect on how well the robe will hold up, but also keep in mind construction. Are the seams coming loose? Does the construction look sloppy? If so, it’s probably not going to hold up as long as those with solid seams and design.

Cotton is all-natural, so it’s great for the environment, and it lasts a long time. However, it’s good to keep in mind that some people are allergic to cotton!


Are you looking to purchase a robe for all year-round? Perhaps just for warm or cold weather? Think about this primarily when making your decision. Many women wear bathrobes to stay warm and dry after coming out from a nice warm, humid bathroom into the frigid cold of the rest of the house!

If that’s the case, we don’t really recommend silk. It’s nice for adding an extra layer over loungewear in the summertime, but it’s not ideal for colder conditions.

Cotton of any type, as well as fleece, are going to be great for keeping warm. However, remember that we said fleece isn’t as skilled as absorbing water as cotton is.


Some women are going to want a shorter, more fashionable style, while others want a full-length, elegant design that’s going to cover most or the entire length of their legs. Some will want thicker shawls with a less-exposed neckline, while others prefer a more exposed, V-neckline. Kimono robes are very in right now, as well, but generally just serve the purpose of trendiness more than functionality.


Price isn’t directly correlated with quality, especially since robes are made of different fabrics as you change between styles and manufacturers. You can definitely find the best robe for you at a great price, but don’t be surprised if the robe with more features is a bit more expensive.


While we loved wearing each of the robes on our list, one of them really stood out to us: the Richie House Fleece Robe.

It is unmatched in terms of luxurious comfort and warmth. Right off the bat, you can tell how well the construction is; it is nice and durable, and that’s evident even before you put it on. The fleece is super-plush and comfortable and is ideal for staying warm during cold conditions.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs, so you can definitely find something that will suit you or whomever you’re purchasing for. It also features two large front pockets, as well as a self-tie belt.

We hope you found the best robe for women for yourself or whomever you’re purchasing a gift for!