Do you find yourself always renting a golf cart or using a pushcart every time you go out on the course? For some, carrying their own bags for an entire 18 holes is fine, however, if you’re not as in shape or have an injury, then that’s completely out of the question.

While carrying a cart bag is fine for some, did you know they’re actually meant to be used with your push cart or to be carried on the back of a golf cart? These bags are typically bigger, have more slots for your clubs, as well as space to carry things that you probably won’t want to carry on your back, like umbrellas, drinks, jackets, etc.

There are a lot of bags out there, but not everyone is created the same. Fortunately, we’ve done the digging (or rather putting) for you and found the best golf cart bags. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Golf Cart Bags For 2018

We’ve created a handy little table for you to compare-and-contrast the items easily. The best golf cart bags are listed on the left, along with their defining characteristics and features on the right.

ProductClub HoldersFeatures 
Callaway Org 14142 integrated molded grab handles, two insulated cooler pockets, E-trolley base system, and lip integrates with many carts, 19 pockets, integrated umbrella sleeve
Bag Boy Revolver LTD1414-way rotating top, 8 pockets including 2 full-size apparel pockets, oversized removable cooler pocket, 2 external putter tubes with secure putter clip, front ball pocket, 2 side accessory pockets, integrated trunk lift handle
Sun Mountain C13014Forward-facing and accessible pockets, three integrated utility handles, 10 pockets including 2 full-length apparel pockets
Datrek Cb-Lite14Two integrated handles on top, soft-grip oversized putter well, 7 pockets including 2 apparel pockets, large ball pocket, fleece-lined valuables pocket
Tour Edge Hot Launch 214Easy access storage pocket, cart strap loop, towel ring with Velcro, waterproof dry pocket, thick padded carrying strap, insulated beverage pocket

Now that you’ve got a pretty good handle on the best golf cart bags on the market today, scroll down a bit further to get a more in-depth look at each product!

Callaway Org 14 – Best Product for Storage

best golf bags for push carts

The first item on our list is the Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag. If you’re looking for a classic golf cart bag that’s been proven to be reliable and popular for years, then this one is your new go-to. This one is a well-known bag with the classic style but updated with some new and necessary features.

Not only is the bag functional, but also quite stylish. You won’t have to feel like you’re using your grandpa’s bag on the course, although he may try to steal yours!

It comes in a sleek-looking black and grey camouflage design, and comes with a load of features that will have you skipping your plans just to sneak off and hit some rounds!

First off, it features a 10.5 inch, 14-way club divider system, which is actually relatively new for this model. The 2015 model did not include this, so if that was the reason why you avoided it, now there’s no reason to!

With 2 integrated, molded grab handles, it’ll be easy and comfortable to hold onto, even just long enough to grab your clubs off the cart.

It also comes with two cooler pockets; one of which holds 4-5 12 oz. cans with a frozen gel pack, just in case you’d like to bring some soft drinks or beers along for the day (which of course you do).

There are 19 pockets, including a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket with a key FOB included for any cash, keys, or other important items you might need to bring along.

The lined pockets are also an upgrade from the 2015 model, so keep that in mind.

The E-trolley base system and trolley lip that integrates with many push carts that actually help to secure the bag. The shoulder strap is placed in a way that makes the weight load evenly distributed and doesn’t wear you out as easily.

There is also an integrated umbrella sleeve, just in case things get a little wet out there! The only downsides we found, were that there weren’t any drain holes in the cooler pockets, and there wasn’t a towel clip.

What We Liked

  • Lined pockets, including two cooler pockets, and a waterproof velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Integrated umbrella sleeve
  • 2 integrated, molded grab handles and lip design helps secure bag to cart

What We Didn’t Like

  • No towel clip or drain holes for cooling pockets

Bag Boy Revolver LTD – Best Technology

best golf stand bags 2018

Next up, we have the Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag, which gets its name from the fact that it features a unique 14-way rotating top with Clip-Lok technology and full-length individual dividers.

The Clip-Lok technology means that the clubs can lock in place, for added protection, and the full-length dividers mean that your clubs will not only be organized but they also won’t hit or scratch each other.

If it’s getting hot on the course, you’ll always have something cool with you, due to the oversized, removable, insulated cooler pocket. This is particularly convenient, as you can just put everything you were planning on carrying home in this bag. You can even put a sandwich or up to 6 12 oz. cans in there!

Another great convenience is that there are two external putter tubes with a secure putter clip, so you can put your two most commonly used clubs on the outside without having to open up your bag.

There are 8 total pockets, including two full-size apparel pockets, in case you need to bring a jacket, or perhaps a shirt for warmer weather.

The integrated trunk lift handle makes movement easy, and the deluxe padded shoulder strap is not only comfortable but also helps to distribute the heavyweight evenly.

The cart strap sleeve prevents twisting, and for your convenience, there is a carabiner towel clip, along with a Velcro glove holder.

Overall, if you’re looking for one of the best golf bags for push carts or regular golf carts that resolves club chatter, then this is a great option. The only “con” we could find with this bag, is that with some users, the removable cooler pocket could sometimes loosen or come off.

What We Liked

  • Removable, insulated cooling pocket holds up to 6 12 oz. cans
  • 8 pockets, including 2 full-size apparel pockets
  • 2 external putter tubes added for your convenience
  • 14-way rotating top with Clip-lok technology prevents club chatter and scratching
  • External clip for towel, and velcro glove holder

What We Didn’t Like

  • Removable cooler pocket came off during gameplay for some consumers

Sun Mountain C130 – Most Well Designed Product

sun mountain sync cart bag 2018 review

The Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag is one of the most recognized cart bags in the industry, and for good reason. The C130 has made its way onto Golf Digest’s Hot List for a whopping 5 years in a row; now that’s really saying something! It’s the best-selling product from Sun Mountain and was made especially for use on a driving cart.

Not only does it come packed with features, but it also is available in 9 attractive colorways, so there’s bound to be something to match that new outfit you’ve been dying to wear out!

Fourteen individual club holders run the entire length of the bag to not only keep you organized but to protect clubs from scratching and chattering when on the course.

There are a whopping ten pockets featured, which include two full-length apparel pockets for when you may need an extra jacket. There are three velour-lined valuables pockets to hold any change, IDs, cards, and keys, as well as a cooler pocket that keeps the rest of the bag dry from those ice-cold drinks sweating.

The Smart Strap System attaches the bag easily to the riding cart with two Velcro straps to keep it from getting in the way of pocket and putter well usage, as well as twisting on the cart.

The reverse-orientation top on the Sun Mountain C130 makes accessing clubs easy, and as all ten of the pockets are front-facing, they’re easy to access when strapped to a riding cart, as well! When you take the bag off of the cart, there is three integrated utility handles on the top to make the job that much easier.

They’ve also thoughtfully included a matching rain hood to protect your precious clubs from the drizzly days.

The only real downside we could think of with this one is that sometimes, the clubs hang up at the bottom of the bag. Overall, the Sun Mountain C130s are lightweight and extremely well-made products that you need to get your hands on now!

What We Liked

  • Removable straps make staying on cart a cinch
  • Includes matching rainhood to protect clubs
  • All forward-facing pockets for easy access on cart
  • Includes 2 apparel pockets, 3 valuables pockets, and 1 cooler pocket
  • Individual club tubes keep them organized and protected

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes clubs hang up at bottom of bag
  • Not ideal for push cart use

Datrek Cb Lite – Best Lightweight Product

2018 best lightweight golf bag

If you’re looking for one of the lightest golf bags on the market due to an injury, strength, or just out of pure convenience, then check out the Cb-Lite from Datrek. It may be smaller in size, but it’s loaded with features.

Many women and older children enjoy this bag because it does more than it needs to but still remains quite lightweight and easy to move around.

Weighing in at just 4.6 pounds, this one will be a joy to bring to the golf course! It includes 14 individual, full-length dividers to keep your clubs organized and protect them from hitting or scratching each other. They’ve also included a soft-grip oversized putter well integrated into the bag top.

Two integrated, molded handles are on the top for convenience and comfort of taking it on and off of the cart, as well as a comfortable strap for carrying.

7 pockets will more than hold all of your things, including a velour-lined valuables pouch, a side mesh pocket for extra items of clothing, an oversized ball pocket, and an insulated beverage sleeve to make sure cold items stay cold.

There are feet on the bottom for added stability, although, this bag works on push carts and riding carts, and work just fine being attached to them. The golf cart also includes a rain hood to protect your clubs, an umbrella holder, a towel ring, and a Velcro patch for golf glove/s.

Overall, this is one of the best and most lightweight golf cart bags on the market, and it’s built quite impressively.

What We Liked

  • 7 pockets include mesh apparel pocket, an oversized ball pocket, an insulated beverage sleeve, and a velour-lined valuables pouch
  • Added feet for stability
  • 14 individual full-length dividers to protect and organize clubs
  • Extremely lightweight

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can become a bit top-heavy after adding clubs

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 – Best Budget Product

tour edge hot launch golf cart bag sale

The last item on our list is the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 and it’s a great option for you if you find yourself on a budget. The sporty style comes in 6 attractive different color schemes, so there’s something for everyone. It may not come with the most features, but it sure comes with the ones that are necessary, plus a few nice extras.

The 14-way divider top ensures your clubs stay organized, as well as stay protected from scratches. The molded easy-lift handles that are incorporated on the top of the bag make transportation a breeze, and the integrated cart strap loop keeps it safe on the riding- or push-carts.

The thick-padded single carrying strap allows you to carry your bag without it digging into your shoulder. The bag doesn’t feature as many pockets as some of the other items on our list, but it does feature the essentials.

An easy-access storage pocket carries extra balls and some picks when you need them, a waterproof dry pocket allows you to safely carry your important items, extra-large garment pockets allow you to carry some extra items of clothing, and an insulated beverage pocket ensures your cold drinks stay cold, without sweating onto your gear.

While it is durable and lightweight, some consumers reported having issues with the dividers, as the dividers are not full-length, and some clubs would get hung up when trying to pull them out.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight and durable
  • ?
  • Great for those on a budget
  • Includes various pockets like a garment pocket, a cooler pocket, and a waterproof pocket
  • Comfortable single strap for carrying and molded easy-lift handles make transportation easy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Clubs can sometimes get hung up on bottom of bag

Best Golf Cart Bag – Buyer’s Guide

As you’ve seen on our list, there are a wide variety of golf cart bags to choose from, and not everyone is made the same. There is a lot of thought that must be put into purchasing one, as they’re made to last for quite a while, and can also cost a pretty good amount of money.

Think about your preferences, and what your personal needs and likes are. We’ve gone ahead and created this buying guide to lead you through the process, and get you matched up with the best golf cart bag for you!

Bag Weight

While it may not seem too important if you’re a beginner, as most of the time, your bag could be attached to a riding cart, it is. If you’re not using a riding cart, but rather a push cart, you’re going to be the one responsible for lugging it around.

It can really mess up your game if your golf bag is too heavy for you. Most of the bags on our list are pretty lightweight, so you can definitely find something to suit you.

Golf cart bags are generally the heavier of all types of golf bags, as they’re designed to stay on the cart, and have a higher number of pockets available.


This is where it gets really important with your preferences. Some golfers just bring the bare minimum with them: their clubs, balls, tees, and of course, their keys and cards.

However, if you’re going to be out on the course all day and may have some unpredictable weather, then it’s important to have more storage available in your bag.

Things like full-length pockets for apparel are essential, as you’ll need to bring a jacket, a hat, a cooler shirt, etc. A cooler pocket is also always a nice feature to have, as you can include cans of a cool beverage or a snack without worrying about them getting warm or sweating on the rest of your gear.

Number of Dividers

Golf bag dividers are usually listed by the number of way-top to let you know how many there are. Also, take into consideration how many of those dividers are full-length.

These are the dividers that extend from the top to the very bottom of the bag and reduce the amount of contact the clubs make. Not only that, but they’re also easier to take out of the bag without worrying about them getting stuck.

Other Features

Extra features are always nice to have, but aren’t always necessary. There are some bags where you can hold your picks on the front of the bag to have them available at any time, as well as a Velcro patch for gloves, an umbrella sleeve just in case it gets rainy (or too sunny), and a towel clip. For some, these can make-or-break the bag.


Generally speaking, with golf bags, you get what you pay for. However, we’ve listed a couple high-quality budget products that really make themselves stand out from the rest of the budget bags.

The less expensive bags are generally made of a lighter material, and may not stand up to a beating if you’re the type of golfer who tends to throw their clubs around. They also may not have as many pockets available, or features such as a removable cooler bag.


As you know, we only put the best of the best on our lists. With that being said, if you select any of these products, you’re sure to not be disappointed. However, if we had to choose a couple that we would select as our very best, we would have to choose between either the Sun Mountain C130, or the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2.

We selected these for two very different reasons. The Tour Edge is our best budget product, yet, is made of high-quality, durable material that stands up to beatings that other budget bags on the market do not. It also has a high number of features that many of the lower-priced bags do not feature.

The Sun Mountain C130 is just an all-around incredible bag, with the best design and construction of any we have seen. It comes with straps to make carrying a breeze, but also come with removable straps to make staying on the cart easy as well.

The included matching rainhood protects your clubs, as well as the individual tubes to keep clubs organized and protected. The all-forward facing pockets make for easy access, even when on the cart, and the pockets include 2 apparel pockets, 3 valuables pockets, and 1 cooler pocket.

You really can’t get better than this one. Now go and purchase the best golf cart bag and get to playing!