One of the most-neglected pieces of equipment for many golfers out there are the gloves. Beginner golfers often make this mistake and end up with painful blisters that could discourage them from playing again.

However, there are also quite a few advanced or more experienced golfers out there who also just go with sub-par gloves because they don’t know which ones to pick.

And, we understand!

The selection of golf gloves out there is overwhelming, and it can be difficult choosing the best ones. That’s what we’re here for!

Top 6 Golf Gloves For 2018

So here’s our comparison guide of the best golf gloves on the market today:

Bionic Men's RelaxGripLeather, lycraPatented pad system, double row finger grip system, lycra motion, web zones for better range of motion, durable
FootJoy WinterSofNylon, fleeceSure-Grip Autosuede, waterproof structured nylon, weather-shield, warm, extended knit cuff, reflective piping
Nike Dri Fit TechSilicone, leatherBody-led silicone over-mold, dri-FIT material, great breathability, moisture management, soft, ergonomically-angled pull tab design
MG Golf DynagripLeatherExcellent budget product, made of all-cabretta leather, traditional styling, all-time best seller
Zero Friction Synthetic, lycraComes in various colors, all-weather, durable, digitized palm and fingers, detachable tee and ball marker, solid gripping
Callaway OptiColorLeatherFull leather construction, comes in variety of colors, great breathability, fashionable, great grip, durable

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the best golf gloves out there on the market, scroll down a bit further to get an in-depth look at each one.

If you have any questions, these are where they will be answered!

Bionic RelaxGrip –Product With Best Range of Motion

most durable golf glove

Developed by an orthopedic hand specialist, the Bionic RelaxGrip golf gloves are some of the best golf gloves of 2018.

Featuring a leather palm and a synthetic back, you have both comfort, stretch, and mobility all in one.

Bionic is a brand known for their solid construction and scientific backing behind each design. Each glove is created with the expertise of top orthopedic specialists, with the highest-quality materials.

So, how do they feel?

Well, the relief pads Bionic has incorporated are positioned perfectly in order to even out the surface of the hand. Have you ever experienced sore spots, blisters, or bruises because of golfing?

These gloves eliminate all of that.

The pads allow pressure to be evenly distributed, which means less pain for you, as well as fatigue. That means you can last longer, and finish stronger.

best golf glove for sweaty handsNow, have you ever tried to ball your hand into a fist while wearing golf gloves, only to find that they’re restricted or feel like they’re losing circulation?

We, unfortunately, know the feeling, too!

That’s another reason why we love the RelaxGrip: they feel relaxed, yet sturdy! With most gloves, if you curl your fingers into a fist, your fingers will be pushed all kinds of unnatural directions. You’ll see that without gloves, your fingers naturally come towards the center of your palm.

The only glove we’ve found that allows for this natural motion completely is this glove.

So, what are they made out of?

They’ve created them with Lycra, which not only allows for an excellent range of motion, but also allows for supreme airflow, keeping your hands cool and comfortable!

The one thing we didn’t like, was that the Velcro closure doesn’t last nearly as long as the rest of the glove, so you will probably have to replace it at some point.

What We Liked

  • Made of high-quality materials like leather and Lycra
  • Allows for the natural motion of hands
  • Increases strength and durability
  • Great breathability and durability

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Velcro closure doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the rest of the glove

FootJoy WinterSof – Best Product for The Cold

best golf gloves for hot weather

True golf aficionados know that there is no such thing as being “too cold” to golf! With that in mind, it’s extremely important to have a golfing glove that is not only good with grip, flexibility, and comfort but also something that is going to ensure your hands stay warm!

So, here we are with FootJoy’s Wintersof gloves. They come with both a left and right-handed mitt! Each glove is made with fleece insulation made to retain warmth, as well as just be downright comfy.

In addition, they each feature a weatherproof backhand to give an extra layer of protection, as well as an extended knit cuff to cover our delicate wrists and keep that frigid winter air from creeping up into the interior.

If you’ve ever played in the cold before, then you know how difficult playing a good game of golf can be. It involves a lot of slipperiness, inaccuracies, and sometimes, even pain.

The WinterSof gloves come with a unique microfiber material which they have dubbed “autosuede”. This keeps the gloves lasting you not just all winter long, but hopefully, many winter seasons to come.

If that weren’t enough, they’ve thoughtfully included an awesome tee slot in the actual glove itself, so you don’t even have to take off a glove and expose your hand to the harsh chill, just to go searching for a peg.

best golf glove 2018Now, we will say that while this is no doubt one of the best golf gloves out there, they aren’t perfect for everyone. Despite the fact that in comparison to other cold gloves, they are relatively low-profile, but in comparison with your average glove, they will definitely have more bulk.

In addition, if you’re looking for the best golf glove for sweaty hands, just go ahead and scroll past these ones right now. They’re not great if you’re going for any kind of ventilation or breathability (obviously, this would kind of defeat the purpose of keeping your hands protected).

Despite the lack of ventilation, they do absorb moisture well, so if you remove them for a short moment, you should be fine.

Now, in any of the best golf gloves on the market today, they’re going to need to have a superior level of tackiness (no, not referring to the style). With winter gloves, it’s natural to think they’re more slippery than your average golf glove, but these are actually impressively grippy.

What We Liked

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Protects hands from the cold and wind
  • Comes with a tee holder
  • Very tacky/grippy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bulkier than regular gloves
  • Doesn’t have good ventilation

Nike Dri Fit Tech – Most Stylish Product

nike dura feel golf glove

There are a lot of Nike loyalists out there in the golf world, and if you aren’t already, their Dri-Fit golf gloves may just make you one.

Nike is a company known for creating products with high-tech materials and unique concepts, and this design is no different. The Dri-Fit glove is definitely something that will catch some looks, as it looks like something out of Tron.

The back of the glove features a unique, black silicone, circular-shaped design over each knuckle, which isn’t just for looks but also provides adequate support as well as a range of motion by mimicking the structure of our tendons.

So, what’s it made out of?

As we said, Nike only uses the finest products, and with the Dri-Fit, they’ve comprised the glove of mainly cabretta leather. That means you’re going to get a comfortable, soft feel without losing the integrity a golf glove should have.

They stretch nicely to fit, without losing any elasticity, so you won’t feel constrained inside the glove.

Now, on the back of the hand, comfort is definitely important, but keep in mind that it’s your palm and fronts of your fingers that will actually make contact with the handle of your clubs. The Cabretta surface is delicate-feeling, yet still durable enough to give protection.

We did notice that while the tackiness wasn’t exactly bad, obtaining a certain level of friction can be a bit challenging if the palm is not completely dry. They’re also not the most durable glove, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

What We Liked

  • Made with soft cabretta leather and silicone
  • Features unique, stylish, modern design
  • Very comfortable and stretches nicely

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not the most durable glove
  • Friction isn’t terrible, but not the best either

MG Golf Dynagrip Elite – Best Budget Product

longest lasting golf glove

If you look at just about any MG golf glove review, you’ll find overwhelming positivity.

The same goes for their DynaGrip Elite. This is a fine example of proving that price doesn’t always equal value, especially when it comes to the best golf gloves.

These may not be the absolute cheapest on the market, but they’re definitely one of them, and in our opinion, the best-valued gloves out there.

Not only would they be inexpensive if they just came with one glove, but you actually receive two! That’s literally almost half of the amount you would pay for just one high-end glove from a major company.

MG isn’t a gimmick; rather than trying to get pros to flaunt their products, they opt to just sell their products on their own site, and on Amazon.

Previously known as the MasterGrip about a decade ago, the DynaGrip Elite features a composition of solely high-grade Cabretta leather. This means you’re going to get a durable glove that is comfortable, stretchy, and supple.

The elastic band across the knuckles, of course, helps with range of motion and stretchiness, so you don’t feel restricted in your movements. Something else unique about MG is that they offer cadet sizes not only in left gloves but in both left and right-hand models

What We Liked

  • Made of all Cabretta leather
  • Great value for the price
  • Great range of motion and stretchiness/comfort
  • Good level of air flow

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as high-tech as some others

Zero Friction – Best Women’s Product

cabretta golf gloves wholesale

Now, we know that women can use any of the above gloves as well, however, some women need specially-designed gloves just for women for them to fit them better, thus, improving their game.

Out of all of the women’s gloves we tried, we didn’t find many that could compete with the Zero Friction Compression gloves.

Made of synthetic leather, Lycra, and elastic, we will be honest; they’re not made of the absolute best materials, but they’re also not bad or low-quality, either.

This glove is unique in that it only comes in a “One Size Fits Most”. Now, overall, we’ve found that to be a good thing, as they honestly fit really well. However, “most” means “not everybody”, so keep that in mind.

Glove shopping can definitely be a tedious process, so it’s kind of nice just slipping these on and knowing there are no other options!

Originally known as more of an innovative company of high-quality tees, they are doing well with this compression glove! The model features super-flexible lycra mesh all throughout the fingers, backhand, as well as around the thumb pad. This makes them great for larger hands, and for those with tinier hands, they still fit well.

best thermal golf gloves for womenThe palm of this glove is made with digitized synthetic leather, which adds to the durability and weather resistance. In fact, the company markets the glove as an actual weather-resistant glove.

If that weren’t enough for you, they’ve even thought to include a tee holder slot, as well as a ball marker, so you have everything literally at a finger’s length.

How do they look?

Well, you’ll notice that the black mesh is an attractive contrast to the other color (depending on which one you select). They come in either white, red, orange, and even lime green faux leather. This means that they’re kind of geared more towards younger or younger-feeling players.

As far as comfort goes, they’re comfy, but not as much as gloves that are made from higher-quality products like Cabretta leather.

However, for a good-priced glove such as the compression unity, it has a great level of durability as well as friction against the handle

What We Liked

  • Great budget product
  • Fits nearly everyone, saves the hassle of getting fitted for gloves
  • Very attractive, eye-catching style
  • Includes a tee holder slot and ball marker

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t feel absolutely everyone
  • Not the most comfortable, however, not uncomfortable

Callaway OptiColor – Most High Quality Product

best golf glove for men 2018

If you take a look at the best golf glove reviews of 2018, you’ll undoubtedly find the Calloway Opticolor on there.

The premium, gorgeous gloves are made with a full-leather construction guaranteed to last you quite a few rounds. Not only that, but they’re quite comfortable. The leather is supple and stretches just the right amount.

In terms of ventilation, these are perforated in all the right places, and the proprietary optifeel closure system works perfectly in conjunction with the holes to make sure your hands stay nice and cool for the whole game.

For fashion lovers out there, we know the OptiColor probably already caught your eye, and we get it!

They come in a wide variety of colors, including red, light blue, blue, navy blue, black, green, and more! The bright colors also make them more difficult to lose and easier to spot in your bag or in the back of your car!

Overall, we have to say that these gloves are lightweight, come with a good level of adjustability and airflow, and generally just feel and look very high-quality. They have a secure fit system which is light and gives you great connection with the handle.

The only thing we need to mention and that we weren’t fans of, was that the dye on some of the gloves actually come off in the heat. Of course, that washes off, but the first few times using these, our hands turned blue.

What We Liked

  • Great, high-quality materials make up the glove
  • Comes in a variety of attractive, bright colors
  • Great design, with a good level of ventilation and stretch

What We Didn’t Like

  • Literally dyes the hands the first few rounds

Best Golf Gloves  – Buyer’s Guide

Now, we already know that not each of the best golf gloves is going to be the best ones for you, per se. However, there are many common features that you should look for in a glove if you truly want the ideal one for you.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the research and came up with a little buying guide to help you select your new gloves from our guide of the best golf gloves of 2018.


As with any piece of sports equipment or clothing, the fit is not only very important, it is probably the most important aspect of choosing the right one for you.

Now, some gloves out there is a one size fits all deal, and these are hard to come by. However, in our experience and what looks like other users’ experiences, they usually do fit properly most of the time.

However, it’s always a good idea to get properly fitted. If the glove is too tight, you aren’t going to want to wear them, thus wasting money. A too-loose fit is also not going to benefit your game, as it will just bunch up, preventing a proper grip from being established.


You obviously don’t want your glove to be made of cotton or pure lycra, right? Select a glove that is made of a good material; it doesn’t have to be the best, but there are benefits to having an all-leather glove.

Synthetic leathers can often be good, but real leather is definitely going to last longer in most cases. Keep in mind that having the best fit as well is going to make your gloves last longer. Anything too tight or loose is going to deteriorate faster, typically.

If you want something on a budget, then we suggest looking for gloves that aren’t completely comprised of leather, but at least feature it on the thumb and the palm of the hand.

Oftentimes, a different material like mesh or lycra or more desirable for the tops of the hands, anyway.


What kind of weather will you be playing in? Do you live in a hot, humid climate? Then you’re going to want something with superior air ventilation that’s not going to cause your hands to be a hot, sweaty mess.

You may also want to choose something aside from leather, but that depends on you and that specific glove.

Or perhaps, you are going to be playing in the cold? Then you’re going to want a glove that not only provides you with a great grip but something durable that will protect your hands and keep them warm.

Make sure they also have a moisture-wicking interior of some type as these are not going to have ventilation holes.


Price is a factor in most people’s purchases, and that is no different for golf glove-shopping. As previously stated, price really isn’t a great determining factor in terms of value. There are many gloves that are honestly on the cheaper end of the price spectrum that far outweigh some of the most expensive ones out there.

It all comes down to your values and your personal preferences. You may want an all-leather glove that lasts you a while, or you may be looking for something that is made of synthetic materials but seems to perform better for your game.


As you can see with the items on our guide here today, there are plenty of different styles to choose from. You no longer have to choose from the same 500 boring white gloves that can easily get mixed up with others.

You not only have the opportunity to select from an array of colors, but also an array of unique and fashionable designs that each serve their own purpose.

There are also some extras that certain products feature, such as a tee holder, so that you don’t have to take your gloves off to go hunting around in your pocket or bag for one.


We honestly loved each one of the gloves on our list, and each for different reasons. However, there were a couple that stood out to us. The first one was the Zero Friction Compression glove. First of all, it is a high-quality glove at a great price.

It features unique extras like a tee holder slot and a ball marker, which aren’t necessary, but always a nice touch. The design is comfortable, innovative, and stretches in all the right places. In addition to that, they come in a variety of attractive colors, with contrasting black mesh for good air flow.

The next was the FootJoy WinterSof, which is obviously just made for cold conditions, but was one of the best out there (if not the best) for cold weather.

The lining was warm, soft, and comfortable, yet despite the obvious lack of air holes, featured moisture-absorbing material so your hands stayed relatively dry.

The wrists stay protected with an extra-long material, to make sure the cold wind doesn’t penetrate inside the glove.

But, regardless of our opinions, it’s all up to you! Which of the best golf gloves of 2018 will you be taking home?