We all remember inline skates; whether you used them solely in your childhood or use them as a preferred method of transportation or exercise. Inline skates aren’t going anywhere. They’re easy on the joints, great at burning calories, and are just downright fun to use!

However, wearing the wrong pair of skates can discourage anyone from giving them a chance. We’ve done the in-depth research for you, so you only have to worry about which color and size to buy!

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you find the best inline skates for you, while also being the most attractive ones!

4 Of The Best Inline Skates For 2018

Refer to the table below to assist you in finding the best inline skates of 2018. Each skate is a bit different, so we’ve set up a table that easily compares and contrasts each.

SkatesLiner FitClosure SystemShell DesignSkate Type 
K2 Skate Women’s Kinetic 80True-to-sizeK2’s speed lacing systemSoft BootRecreation
Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80Half-size bigger than shoeCuff buckle with lace-up systemHard Shell with composite frameRecreation
K2 VO2  100 X ProTrue-to-SizeGrab-pull-and-lock systemSoft boot with composite frameFitness
Roller Derby Aerio Q-80True-to-SizeVelcro power-strap with lace-up system with bucklesSemi-soft bootRecreation

K2 Kinetic 80 Women’s Inline Skates – Best Women’s Skate

best rollerblades for street

K2 is a brand well-known for its high technology and quality. In fact, according to Livestrong.com, K2 is one of the top three inline skate manufacturers in the world. The K2 Kinetic 80’s are a great example of this.

It’s contrasting color scheme is a head-turner, but even more so, is the soft boot that the skate features. When most of us think of inline skates, we picture the hard boots and the blisters that go along with them.

Not only does the boot offer a great fit that’s true-to-size, but also makes long skate sessions bearable, if not comfortable.

Inside the boot, is an antimicrobial footbed to keep your feet smelling and feeling great, with added arch support. If you’re worried about support with the soft boot, worry no more. With their stability cuff plus system, the energy transfer from your foot to the skate is seamless.

They have a “quicklace” system that ensures your friends or family won’t be impatiently waiting for you to buckle your skates on.

These recreational roller skates are ideal for beginners or for those who have some skating experience but are nowhere near advanced. As it’s a recreational skate, it’s ideal for skates with the family along the beach or through a park.

The speed level is moderate, so if you are a beginner, you won’t have to worry about bombing down a hill and losing control. As it is a soft boot, it offers a good level of ventilation, as well.

What We Liked

  • Soft boot ensures breathability and comfort
  • Quicklace system makes taking on-and-off a breeze
  • Antimicrobial footbed and arch support

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer as much support as hard shell
  • Doesn’t reach as high of speeds as others

Zetrablade Men’s Inline Skate – Best Beginner Skate

best inline skates for fitness 2018

The Zetrablade Men’s Inline Skates are some of the best inline skates for men on the market, today. If you’re a beginner to the intermediate skater, these are perfect for you.

The hard shell ensures stability, while the composite shell provides support and excellent energy transfer from the user to the skate.

Many beginners feel unsure and unstable while still improving their skill level. Healthrevolution.com states that beginner skaters will notice an improvement in their balance and coordination.

With the Training 5 Star Liner, you’ll receive extra support with additional breathability and comfort, however, there are other skates on the market that offer more ventilation. The skates are also true-to-size, so there is no guessing if you purchase them online.

If you’re in the beginning stages of skating and looking to advance further, this is a great transition skate. These skates have great inline wheels, offering traction as well as adequate shock-absorption.

The skates also ensure that you don’t go too fast and become out-of-control while you’re still learning. They’re ideal for taking leisurely runs or practicing.

What We Liked

  • Hardshell offers support for beginners
  • Liner offers additional support while keeping feet dry
  • Wheels offer good traction

What We Didn’t Like

  • May be too slow for more advanced skaters
  • Doesn’t offer much arch support

K2 VO2 100 X Pro – Best Advanced Product

k2 skate vo2 90 pro inline skates

If you want speed and stability of a race skate and the support of a fitness skate, you’ll find it all in the VO2 100 X Pro. If the all neon-green color doesn’t catch your eye, its quality and versatility sure will.

The speed lacing wheel makes slipping the skates on-and-off a literal cinch, which means more time for you to get on the road and get a solid training session in. The soft boot not only makes for comfort on long rides but also offers excellent ventilation.

The Vortech Ventilation system ensures that fresh air is constantly being pushed through the boot. Combine that system with an antimicrobial footbed, and you can rest assured that your boots will be dry and smell great.

Hi-lo technology with 100 mm wheels in the back and 90 mm wheels in front, ensures precise control while offering stability at high speeds. With this design, you can rest assured that you can take pinwheel corners and turns with ease.

Inlineskates.com says that the hi-lo setup is ideal for mixing top speed with a smooth skating experience. 

The VO2 100 X Pro is the beacon of comfort, with Custom Fit Foam molding to the shape of your foot, minimizing blisters and sore feet.

If you can’t find these in-demand skates in your local stores, you can buy with comfort online, because their sizing runs just like regular street shoes. These are without-a-doubt some of the top inline skates money can buy.

Beginners and intermediate skaters should hold off a bit before they buy these skates.

While they may look cool, the differently-sized wheels and style of skate make it one of the fastest, yet hardest-to-control skates out there. These are ideal for advanced skaters, faster speed skaters who want a quality workout, or just a skate aficionado looking for a top-of-the-line product.

What We Liked

  • Soft boot provides comfort while preventing pressure points
  • Speed lacing wheel provides convenience
  • Hi Lo technology provides speed and stability

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for beginners

Roller Derby Aerio Q-80 – Best Inline Skates 2018

best rollerblades for street skating

The Roller Derby Aerio Q-80 is a skate available in both men’s and women’s models. They’re actually pretty much exactly the same, aside from the colors. With its memory foam padding and a semi-soft boot, you will be comfortable even for long periods of time.

The aluminum tri-coil frame ensures lightness while adding stability for beginning skaters. The cam-level buckle with a power strip adds to stability and boosting new riders’ confidence.

The liner fit is just like your regular shoes, so there’s no guessing when it comes to sizing.

This particular model is ideal for recreation riding for beginners, or those who enjoy skating at a moderate-to-fast speed. This is overall a great skate to help with those who love skating but want to practice and advance to the next level.

With a high-quality level of a brand as Roller Derby, you can be sure your ride will be smooth and controlled.

What We Liked

  • Comfortable memory foam padding
  • Semi-soft boot provides comfort and stability
  • Light aluminum shell

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for high speeds
  • Doesn’t provide great foot support

Best Inline Skate – Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a quality inline skate can be a lot of work if you’re not experienced. Here, we’ll take you through each step so you can feel confident about your decision in the skate you decide is best for you.


Aside from the color scheme, the shape of a woman’s foot compared to a man’s, the height of the calves, and shoe sizing also differs greatly. However, it is not a rule. There are some women with wider feet who find that men’s models fit their feet better.

Skate Type

Fitness – These are ideal for advanced skaters who are looking to get more out of their skates than just a leisurely glide at the park. These skates vary widely, from those who’d just like a faster ride, to those who are serious speed-skaters.

Recreation – This is probably the most popular style, with it covering most beginning to intermediate skaters. These skates are more hard and sturdy to offer extra support but are not great for long distances because of this.


The most important part of your skate is the liner. If it’s not comfortable, then the rest will not work properly, either. Remember that liners do not generally get more comfortable over time. If they’re not comfortable the first time, they’ll be even less comfortable the second, and so on.

Closure Systems

Decide which is most important to you. Do you want extra stability, or do you want convenience? Buckles are ideal for ease because you can just adjust as you go, as opposed to unlacing them.

They’re also more durable than laces. However, laces make it so you can tighten your skates more than you could with your typical 3-buckle system. There are even skates out there which incorporate both buckles and laces, and you can’t go wrong with that.


All-in-all, all of these skates are excellent choices. It all comes down to your experience level, and what you value in a skate.

Overall, the K2 VO2 100 X Pro could not be beaten in terms of quality, style, and performance. The skate provides comfort with its soft boot style, which prevents the appearance of uncomfortable pressure points and thus eliminates blisters and sore ankles.

Its patented ventilation system ensures that on long rides, there is always fresh air being circulated through the boots.

The ease of the speed lacing wheel means that you will have more time on your feet, than sitting on the sidelines buckling or lacing up your skates.

It is designed for more advanced skaters but also appeals to those looking to advance their skills. It is designed to allow you to take precision turns, even at high speeds.

Its comfortability and performance were plainly just unmatched by the others. It is safe to say that it is one of the best inline skates of 2018, if not the best inline skate.

If that weren’t enough, it’s head-turning style has taken it years from the bulky, heavy roller blades that existed in earlier years.