Many of us grew up playing soccer, so it’s no wonder that we’ve had many pairs of soccer shoes than we can imagine. However, if we want to win our games, we have to pick the best kicks for our favorite sport. No longer should soccer players pick a pair of shoes based on visual appeal. After all, soccer is a grueling game that demands durability, precision, and stamina.

If your feet easily get tired and your shoes do not offer enough flexibility, you’re bound to lose in the long run. Thus, we’ve decided that it’s time to identify the best soccer shoes in the market.

5 Of The Best Soccer Shoes For 2018

Picking the right soccer shoes was far from easy, but someone had to do it. Taking in various factors such as comfort, materials, durability, and distinct features, we’ve managed to identify five of the best soccer shoes you can get your hands on.

We’ve used them in so many games that left us breathless on most occasions. Here are the best soccer shoes, handpicked by experts and professional soccer players:

Soccer ShoesSole MaterialUpper 
Adidas Copa MundialSyntheticLeather
Nike Mercurial Veloce II FGRubberSynthetic and Leather
Adidas Messi 15.3SyntheticSynthetic
Puma Invicto SalaRubberLeather and Textile
Adidas Samba MillenniumRubberSynthetic Leather

As you can see above, Adidas is at the forefront with three entries for the best soccer shoes. However, Nike and Puma also have something great to offer.

In order to fully understand why they became our top picks, check out our detailed reviews below.

Adidas Copa Mundial – The Iconic Soccer Shoes

best soccer cleats for defenders

Why don’t we start with one of the most iconic soccer shoes of all time? For more than 30 years, the Adidas Copa Mundial has proven time and again that it’s meant to stay as a crowd favorite. It has been around since 1979, and generations of soccer fans have become loyal toward these soccer shoes.

With a classic, black leather look combined with the white Adidas 3-stripes design, the Copa Mundial is something you can never go wrong with.

It’s stylish enough to catch the eyes of casual sneakerheads while also being impressive enough in the field. Some might say that the design isn’t new, but that’s what makes it commendable.

One of the things that make these football boots for strikers stand out is the satisfyingly black leather upper that feels good to the touch. We’re not kidding when we say that the kangaroo leather material gives the Copa Mundial an impressive softness to it.

You see, so many of the best soccer cleats for midfielders today utilize synthetic leather or calf leather. While these have their own advantages, it’s truly hard to beat the reliability and comfort that kangaroo leather provides.

Another thing you’ll appreciate is the fact that breaking these in only requires a couple of games. After this, the Adidas Copa Mundial starts to fit better around your feet.

For those of us who had quite big feet, trying on these soccer shoes resulted in both a positive and a negative impression. Our pals were surprised that one of the best football cleats for speed could accommodate their wide feet, all thanks to the kangaroo leather.

However, this benefit was immediately offset by the somewhat narrow sole plate. Thus, some of us still felt a bit stuffy inside – a common shoe problem people with large feet experience.

best soccer shoes 2018Inside, we saw that Adidas has provided a bit of technological improvement to the Copa Mundial. The die-cut ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA insole kept our feet comfortable.

If there’s one minor issue we found with these soccer shoes, it’s that the shoelaces look quite outdated. Yes, we love the fact that the Copa Mundial has kept its overall design the same – from the black kangaroo leather to the three white stripes – but we’d actually like it better if they had updated the shoelaces.

Moreover, you should order the shoes that are half a size less than your actual shoe size. This is because the kangaroo leather will eventually stretch enough to add another half size.

During games, the kangaroo leather of these soccer shoes shows why they’ve been used for so long. Once you’re done breaking the shoes in, you’ll notice that the leather has become even more comfortable – kicking the ball feels incredibly nice.

We all know that soccer matches can last for hours, so it was great that the Copa Mundial became more appealing with each run and kick.

After more than a dozen games, we noticed that these soccer shoes are highly durable. Perhaps it’s because of the thick upper leather, which clearly had a hand in elevating the shoes’ weight to 11.7 ounces.

Likewise, traction was super with these soccer shoes. The Copa Mundial boasted 12 conical studs, which ensured that each step in the field will be as accurate as possible. Specifically, the forefoot section had eight studs while the heel section had the remaining four studs.

We also observed that the studs in the Copa Mundial are wider than other best football cleats, which allowed the Adidas classic to get in contact with more of the surface. Furthermore, the fact that Adidas uses rubber sole instead of plastic increased the traction of one of the best soccer cleats for midfielders.

Overall, the Adidas Copa Mundial has a lot to offer: classic design, reliable studs, impressive kangaroo leather, and a modern, comfortable insole.

These iconic shoes have truly become one of our favorites, although people with wide feet might not like the classic and relatively narrow sole plates. The shoelaces can definitely be improved, but such a problem can be solved by merely getting another pair of laces.

What We Liked

  • Iconic, minimalist design
  • ?Superior kangaroo leather
  • ?Die-cut EVA insole for sheer comfort
  • Impressive conical studs for traction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Outdated shoelaces
  • Narrow sole plates can’t accommodate large feet

Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG – Futuristic Design for Modern Play

best soccer cleats for forwards 2018

In contrast to the Adidas Copa Mundial, we have a soccer shoe from Nike that looks like it came from the future. With a synthetic and leather upper, the Mercurial Veloce II FG has a distinct shine, but it’s not the kind that tends to be distasteful.

Nike and Adidas have always competed with each other with their footwear, with the former having formerly unleashed the Nike Tiempo IV, the Hypervenom Phantom, and the Nike Vapor IX.

With quite a lot of modern features, the Mercuria Veloce II FG proved to us that they might just be the best soccer cleats.

If you’re a fan of the upper construction of the Mercurial Vapor, particularly the first up until the ninth iteration, then you’ll appreciate that the upper here.

Boasting Teijin synthetic microfibers, the upper easily adjusts to the shape of the wearer’s foot. These microfibers are astoundingly thin yet are surprisingly durable.

They might not be genuine leather, but the fit is seriously good here. All you need is to have a couple of soccer games before you feel that the shoes have conformed to the right shape. You won’t ever have to worry about forming blisters or any other irritating injuries while trying them out.

Moreover, don’t let the narrow appearance of the Mercurial Veloce II FG bother you as they will stretch accordingly.

Of course, the Mercurial Veloce II FG also had impressive breathability – all while maintaining a secure fit. The upper is complemented by the overall design that attempts to replicate the comfort and fit of socks.

Specifically, you have the perforated sock liner that copies the foot shape while also providing some much-needed cushioning. Thus, the upper is very light, yet they perfectly adapt to quick and powerful turns.

Nike has provided sufficient padding to keep our feet comfortable while also maintaining a light build.

As for intensive soccer matches, we noted how the thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU studs helped us hold our ground while also permitting rapid changes in feet movement. The Mercuria Veloce II has the same stud pattern as the Mercurial Vapor 10, and that’s great.

The pattern works well enough to generate enough traction throughout the game. You have four studs at the heel section, and this grants excellent stability in exchange for average traction.

The difference, however, is found in the material for the soleplate. Instead of the same TPU material, the soleplate here is made of compressed nylon, which is thinner.

Due to the more sleek material, the soleplate offered us more flexibility than the other best cleats by position. Sadly, we had a problem with the soleplate of one of the best football boots for defensive midfielders. Within more or less ten matches, the plate began to shy away from the upper.

The TPU studs were definitely durable, but the plates here were simply not as good as those found in other shoes.

Once again, the Teijin synthetic microfibers allowed us to enjoy soccer, as if we weren’t wearing any shoes. We don’t mean this in a bad way – we simply mean that contact with the ball feels more direct than ever.

As cliché as it sounds, these best football boots for attacking midfielders felt like a natural extension of our feet. Since the upper prioritized sleekness over additional padding, your kicks are incredibly precise.

We were actually pumped during the game because of the sensation felt between the ball and our feet – only slightly divided by the ultra-thin upper.

Of course, the sleek and natural feel of the upper does have a consequence.

The Mercurial Veloce II does have some padding and a plastic heel counter inside, but the thinness of the material won’t protect you from getting stepped on. There isn’t a great deal of impact absorption here, and you’d best be prepared to avoid hitting anything other than the ball.

The Mercurial Veloce II is a commendable entry from Nike. There might be slight hiccups when it comes to impact absorption and the durability of the soleplates, but these are the lightest football cleats that will give you a satisfying, barefoot feel whenever you kick the ball.

These shoes are comfortable, sleek, light, yet readily conform to the shape of your feet.

What We Liked

  • Sleek, impressive design
  • ?Breathable, flexible upper
  • ?Lightweight shoes
  • Gives barefoot feel for precise kicks

What We Didn’t Like

  • Questionable durability of the soleplates
  • Insufficient impact absorption

Adidas Messi 15.3 – For Players Who Seek Speed and Power

best soccer cleats for midfielders review

Unsurprisingly, we have another entry from Adidas. This time, the brand goes beyond iconic design to explore the possibilities of a soccer shoe inspired by one of the greatest players of all time. Dubbed as the Messi 15.3, these have gotten a lot of rave reviews from athletes around the world.

After all, FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has won the FIFA Ballon d’Or five times – a testament to how he’s consistently proven himself as the best in the sport.

The Messi 15.3 shoes definitely look uncanny compared to the first two we reviewed, but that’s the beauty of it. In fact, striking colors don’t easily wear off in the grass field. Once we tried these technologically superior shoes out, we immediately understood why people claim these to be the best soccer boots for shooting.

For the upper, Adidas utilized 3D synthetic leather. Some of you might dislike faux leather, but the Messi 15.3 had it for several reasons.

For one, synthetic leather provides a lot of durability for the upper. Furthermore, the durability is compounded by the fact that synthetic leather is resistant to water. We all know that games will continue even with the rain, so it’s a great thing when you don’t have to worry about stains and sustained damage over time.

In addition, the water-resistant feature of the synthetic leather allows you to safely store your shoes during snowy weather conditions.

Secondly, the Messi 15.3 also uses a synthetic material for the shoe lining. Once we wore the soccer shoes, we felt that they were snug. Yes, they are quite narrow, but this can be solved by getting a pair that’s one size larger than your actual feet size.

As for breaking these in, the process only requires playing several games and wearing them even for other activities. Some of us felt uncomfortable using them for the first two games or so, but the eventual comfort was undoubtedly outstanding.

Lastly, we just have to commend Adidas for introducing the AGION built-in technology, which does a swell job of preventing odor-causing bacteria from creeping in.

shoes for soccerFurthermore, this innovative feature promises to prevent any mold and fungal growth. We’ve used these soccer shoes for quite some time now, and we’re glad to report that they have no problems with odor and bacteria whatsoever.

Just like the Nike Mercurial Veloce II, the Adidas Messi 15.3 are lightweight soccer shoes that imitate the feeling of playing barefoot. Thus, each kick was executed as accurately as possible – it’s as if our toes were in direct contact with the ball.

This is enhanced by the Adidas-exclusive feature known as the messiTOUCH X-ray surface, which was built for stability and perfect grip. However, an issue we had was related to the snug fit of the shoes. This only happened when we wore shoes that had a size similar to our actual foot size.

We may be having precise kicks, but our toes sometimes felt like they were trapped. Don’t get us wrong, the Messi 15.3 cleats have materials that allowed good breathability, but the dimensions of the shoe were a little too tight for some of us.

So, once again, we suggest you get a pair that is one size larger than your real foot size.

As for traction, we were thoroughly impressed by these shoes. The messiGAMBETRAX stud configuration was unique and fittingly named after one of the fastest players in the game. The 11 studs were placed strategically to maximize our speed while maintaining traction.

Furthermore, Adidas pulled out all the stops in terms of innovation by introducing the Skeleton outsole. At first, we thought it was simply a gimmick, but this oddly-named outsole seriously performed well on both firm ground and on artificial ground.

We really had to hand it to Adidas for doing their best in creating a shoe that Messi himself would readily use for a long, long time.

The synthetic leather upper proved to be durable and resistant to water and the AGION technology kept the soccer shoes clean.

Furthermore, the Messi 15.3 shoes are lightweight and give a barefoot feeling, and the traction and stability are super. There are minor issues with the fit, but this doesn’t apply to everyone and can be mostly be solved by getting a bigger-sized pair.

What We Liked

  • Greatly durable synthetic leather upper
  • ?AGION technology to prevent fungal growth
  • ?Cleverly placed studs for traction and stability
  • Barefoot feel for optimum touch

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fit can be narrow for some people

Puma Invicto Sala – Indoor Soccer Shoes with Casual Appeal

best soccer cleats for wide feet

Our list of the best cleats football is not merely dominated by Nike and Adidas. Here, we have Puma’s Invicto Sala, which has established itself as one of the best football boots for shooting and passing out there alongside the Puma evoSPEED 1.

Though the company is often overshadowed in terms of publicity, Puma has clearly studied the features soccer players need to perform better. These look like casual sneakers, but we strongly recommend you try them on for a game or two.

The first thing we noticed is that the Puma Invicto Sala has a stunning upper made of mesh, suede, and good old leather.

It doesn’t look as iconic as the Adidas Copa Mundial, but one cannot deny that the shoes look tough and premium. Since the material includes leather, we had no difficulties in breaking the shoes in.

But even if the Invicto Sala can be stretched a bit, some of us didn’t like the toe box because it didn’t have a shape that adequately accommodated their toes.

We knew that this affected the overall comfort. Depending on the shape of your feet, you may also be finding minor gripes with the toe box.

Furthermore, we loved how lightweight these are. From simply walking around to running around the park, our feet felt comfortable all throughout.

This was a surprising result since these soccer shoes weren’t made with an arch support to accommodate such activities. As such, you can wear these as casual kicks or soccer shoes – especially with the stylish color combinations.

What we didn’t immediately notice was that the sock liners were not only effective in cushioning, but they were also removable if you wanted some modifications.

Another slight problem was the shoe tongue of the Invicto Sala. Even if we laced our soccer shoes precisely and with enough pressure, the tongue kept moving away from the center. This does not necessarily ruin one of the best football boots for defenders, but it can immediately get annoying if constant readjustments are needed.

While these soccer shoes do not provide the satisfying barefoot feeling that the Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG and the Adidas Messi 15.3 have, the Puma Invicto Sala still result in great kicks – all thanks to the finely crafted upper.

Contact with the ball is soft, which allows us to move our feet around the soccer field without easily feeling tired.

best football shoes 2018If you noticed it already, Puma decided to have a low-profile outsole, which allowed more grip. The closer the outsole was to the ground, the easier it was to improve your grip.

As for protection from getting stepped on and other similar troubles, these soccer shoes have quite the upper hand compared to the Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG.

Since the Puma Invicto Sala did not prioritize sleekness over safety, you do not have to be overly cautious. These shoes have a rubber toe reinforcement, which both protects your feet and slightly enhances your performance.

Moreover, the Puma Invicto Sala was made for indoor soccer games, but the shoes have proven to be durable regardless of where you use them.

The Puma Invicto Sala shoes are durable and stylish indoor soccer shoes that are worth their value.

The toe box will not satisfy every athlete and the tongue occasionally moves away from the center, but the shoes deliver when they are needed. The leather, mesh, and suede upper is fantastic, and the low-profile outsole was a great feature for an enhanced grip.

What We Liked

  • ?Stylish and durable upper
  • ?Low-profile outsole provides superior grip
  • ?Rubber toe reinforcement
  • Lightweight and applicable to casual activities

What We Didn’t Like

  • ?Slightly cramped toe box
  • Tongue occasionally moves out of place

Adidas Samba Millennium – For Optimum Protection and Stability

best football boots for shooting

Finally, we have the third soccer shoes from Adidas. The Copa Mundial had an iconic design beloved by players for three decades. The Messi 15.3 impressed soccer athletes with its multitude of performance-enhancing features.

Here, the Samba Millennium were built to compete with the likes of the Puma Invicto Sala in the field of indoor soccer gaming. Following in the footsteps set by the legacy of the classic Adidas Samba shoes, the Samba Millennium was out to distinguish itself through a combination of trusted quality and innovative features.

With a seemingly minimalist yet refined look, we were ready to try these out as many times as we could.

Similar to other best football boots of 2018, the Adidas Samba Millennium utilizes leather. However, what was really impressive was that the footwear had full-grain leather.

Thus, we were assured that they would be alright to wear even when there is rain, mud, or even snow. In fact, full-grain leather is known to resist moisture with ease.

Furthermore, the tight leather upper felt like they could withstand daily activities such was walking and running for a long, long time. Still, we knew that the best part of having such leather was that they will look absolutely better in the long run with constant use.

The comfort of these soccer shoes was also the result of the soft and lightweight midsole, which was made with die-cut EVA – similar to the Adidas Copa Mundial.

A problem that arose was when we were breaking them in. Yes, they generally felt comfortable, but we weren’t expecting to have a couple of blisters at the start.

The fit is mostly alright, but the shoes occasionally pressed hard against the back of the heel. Perhaps Adidas could improve the heel tab of the Samba Millennium.

Aside from this, the front end of the shoes was also an issue for several players. Just like with the Puma Invicto Sala, the toe box wasn’t unanimously deemed spacious enough.

Still, even before trying them out in soccer, we already appreciated the fact that the Samba Millennium had non-marking soles. Without them, we could have easily damaged polished indoor soccer venues. Thus, we were confident that no amount of sprints and pressure could inevitably ruin the floor.

This might not sound like a big deal, but the best football boots for shooting with non-marking soles for indoor games will help secure a good reputation.

best football shoesSince these are indoor soccer shoes, we immediately went to an indoor venue and began playing.

Once again, the full-grain leather was a major part of what made the Samba Millennium enjoyable to wear. The upper basically utilized the strongest kind of leather available, which meant that the shoes are outstandingly durable. The Samba Millennium effortlessly endured the countless hard and sudden kicks we performed.

Thanks to the super padding, our feet felt protected throughout our soccer games. Of course, the downside with this amount of padding is reduced touch. In other words, there is the lack of a barefoot feel.

However, the best thing about these Adidas soccer shoes is the implementation of the Torsion System. This component has been used by the brand for many years, and we observed its advantages with the Samba Millennium.

With the sheer amount of stress our feet has to endure with each game, arch support is essential for any soccer player. Arch support not only provides balance and strength but also prevents problems such as hip pain and lower back pain.

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, our movements were stable all throughout our games.

In particular, the Torsion System effectively supported the midfoot section of our feet to prevent the arch from flexing incorrectly. In simple terms, we could make quick turns whenever we wanted to.

All in all, the Adidas Samba Millennium had its strengths, particularly with the full-grain leather upper, non-marking soles, adequate padding, and the Torsion System.

On the other hand, these soccer shoes didn’t please everyone with the size of the toe box and also provided an awry start by having a blister-inducing heel tab.

What We Liked

  • ?Full-grain leather upper for durability
  • ?Excellent padding
  • ?Non-marking soles for proper indoor soccer
  • Torsion System improves stability

What We Didn’t Like

  • ?Heel tab initially resulted in blisters
  • Toe box can be narrow for some players


After countless games of grueling soccer, we’ve finally identified the best soccer boots ever. Indeed, each of the five shoes we picked had strengths, but we could only give full recommendations to two of them.

For indoor soccer shoes, it was a close battle between the Puma Invicto Sala and the Adidas Samba Millennium.

Thus, if you are more of an indoor soccer player, we highly recommend the Adidas Samba Millennium. Although the toe box is not for everyone and the heel tab can cause blisters during at the start, the eventual in-game performance cannot be denied.

These are the best indoor soccer shoes due to the superior durability, padding, arch support, stability, and the non-marking soles.

However, the overall best soccer shoes are the Messi 15.3 from Adidas. These shoes have the bacteria-fighting AGION technology, the stabilizing and grip-enhancing messiTOUCH X-ray surface, the highly durable 3D synthetic leather upper, and the messiGAMBETRAX stud configuration for the most impressive traction you’ll ever experience while playing soccer.

The Copa Mundial might be the brand’s most iconic soccer shoes, but the Messi 15.3 is out to become a modern classic.