Depressed and frustrated by months of chilly weather and low sunshine, you might pine to go outdoors, especially to the beach to soak in the cool waters, and sprawl out on the sands under a bright sun. However, with the ozone layer getting depleted, the UVA and UVB rays of the sun might scald your skin irreversibly.

This is where a beach or sports umbrella comes in perfectly handy offering you thorough shielding from the direct rays of the sun that can be detrimental to your health. In case your family has many members keen to lounge in the sun, then a cabana, tent or a temporary cabin will serve the purpose.

But if you prefer going to the park or beach alone or with your spouse to enjoy the outdoors minus the heat and dust, then a sports umbrella becomes indispensable. So how do you choose the right umbrella?

10 Top-Rated Sports Umbrellas For 2018

Want to know what the best sports umbrellas in [seo_Year] are? Check out our top-rated umbrellas for sports below.

Let’s now move on over to the reviews.

Sport-Brella All Position Umbrella  – Comes With Universal Clamp

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The Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella with Universal Clamp from Sport Brella is ideal for lugging to the beach or opening up for a garden party. It comes with an all-purpose clamp that can be attached to a wheelchair, pram, armchair or even a golf kit.

The umbrella can be swiveled 360° and the UPF 50+ layering furnishes complete UV protection.

What We Liked

  • Hardwearing clamp expands to a girth of up to 3.8cm which offers a firm fit.
  • Compatible for securing with squared as well as tubular planes.
  • Twin push-button rivets for adjusting 4-way swiveling.
  • Can be compacted down to a small size (9cm x 90cm) for convenient transportation.
  • Flaps for promoting ventilation.
  • Crafted out of 210D polyester that is weather resistant.
  • Comes with tips for protecting eyes.
  • Opens up to more than 1m.
  • Ultraviolet Rays Protection Factor 50+ coating screens off UV rays.
  • The fabric is highly water-resistant that keeps the umbrella dry at all times

What We Didn’t Like

  • Clamp gives off an odor that is intense and unpleasant.
  • You might face a problem rethreading the screw in case it comes loose after you’ve fully opened the clamp.
  • Absence of venting which means the umbrella might fly away in the event of a strong gust of wind.
  • The carry bag provided is not spacious enough to house the product comfortably

Procella Golf Umbrella – Rain & Wind Resistant

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The Golf Umbrella from Procella lives up to your expectation by offering you total protection from the elements as you keep yourself riveted in a round of golf. However, the 62-inch umbrella is also good for taking to the stadium for enjoying a baseball game.

Heavy-duty construction with a fiberglass shaft and double mesh venting for canopy makes the product almost unbreakable.

What We Liked

  • Extremely large umbrella that offers shelter from rain, gust, and sun’s stinging UV rays.
  • Fiberglass rib and double mesh canopy makes the product extremely hardwearing.
  • Highly resistant to squalls and strong gusts of wind.
  • The rubberized grip is slip-resistant that lets you unfurl it as well as hold it easily with just one hand.
  • The circumference of the canopy is large enough to give coverage to nothing less than two people.
  • Perfect for taking outdoors in any kind of weather.
  • Can be used while you’re basking in the beach, angling in the riverfront or holding a party.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The umbrella which is immense (which is an advantage for many besides being robust) can be difficult to handle at times.
  • The handle may come off or slide off following a few months of use.
  • It’d be a hassle to close the umbrella after using it extensively as the nylon straps with Velcro may give away

JoeShade Portable Sunshade Umbrella – Extremely Robust

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The JoeShade Portable Sunshade or Sports Umbrella is an extremely robust canopy that comes with an equally sturdy shaft and a tripod stand that helps you to stably install it on the ground. This is a large umbrella whose canopy opens to a circumference of 60” that has vents which prevent it from getting inside out during a windy spell.

What We Liked

  • The SPF 50 lining of the canopy fabric offers total protection from toxic UV rays.
  • Tripod stand helps in anchoring the sunshade firmly on the ground.
  • It can be tilted according to your convenience to resist strong winds.
  • There is an attractive blue carry pack for storing and carrying the umbrella with convenience.
  • This sports umbrella is ideal for carrying to playgrounds, stadiums, patios, beaches, parks, pool sides, and a host of other outdoor spots.
  • The width and expanse of the umbrella is perfect for covering two adults comfortably.
  • Can be towed easily as it is remarkably lightweight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The handle or grip of the carry bag might come off after using the same for same though that not is a technical defect associated with the actual product.
  • The extension rods may rip through the canvas material of the canopy after repeated use.
  • Sometimes the umbrella may flip up and topple over in the event of a gale

LifeTek Hillcrest 62 Golf Umbrella – Extra Large Windproof Double Canopy

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The Hillcrest 62 Golf Umbrella is one unique sunshade that you’ll be proud to own not only because of its fabric with a 210 thread count that has Teflon layering for resisting water and screening UV rays. The micro-weave fabric of this 62” canopy offers supreme protection from rain, sun, and sleet.

The canopy frame and the rib have been constructed from fiberglass making the product robust, which means it can withhold almost any weather you catch up to.

What We Liked

  • The umbrella is sufficiently large to give cover to at least two adults.
  • The DuPont Teflon layering is ideal for repelling rainwater.
  • The 210T micro-weave fabric of the canopy furnishes protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays as well as from tempestuous wind and rain.
  • The ribbed framework supporting the canvas canopy has been crafted out of high quality fiberglass and resin for providing a judicious equilibrium between flexibility and power thereby making it windproof.
  • The LifeTek Hillcrest Umbrella is supplied to you with a 2-year replacement guarantee.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The umbrella is quite sizable for 1 individual but 2 adults may have to snuggle if they take coverage beneath it (this can be subjective depending upon the size of the individual.
  • You may have to struggle with closing it as it doesn’t have an automatic close system

Sport-Brella Portable Umbrella – Suitable For All Weather Kinds

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The Sport-Brella Portable Umbrella with 8-Foot blue canopy is surely the best sports umbrella your money can buy as it accords total safeguard from the sun, wind, and rain. This sun umbrella comes with additional panels that shield your skin from the damaging UVA/UVB rays and also has wind flutters for promoting ventilation.

The large canopy has been carved out of 210D polyester for comprehensive protection from the weather.

What We Liked

  • 8-foot canopy stitched out of 210D polyester that provides almost 100% shielding from toxic ultraviolet rays.
  • The sturdy steel ribs and the 5mm tubular shaft provide stable support.
  • Convenient installation on different surfaces courtesy the extra steel rods and 3 tie cords.
  • Can be compacted down to a small size for carrying convenience.
  • Carry bag provided for storage when not in use.
  • The canopy is large and has a weatherproof fabric furnishing protection from the elements.
  • The zippered panels on the sides facilitate excellent circulation of air and allow good visibility.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The side panels or flaps don’t really help with ventilation but are rather apt for packing sand to offer greater support to the structure.
  • The central stake on which the maximum weight of the umbrella is balanced may not be very useful for anchoring in the beach.
  • May not accommodate big chairs under the canopy.

EasyGo Beach Umbrella – Most Festive Product

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The Giant 8’ Rainbow Beach Umbrella from EasyGo has a canopy with a silvery coating on the inside that effectively screens out the damaging UV rays. The cabana has a diameter of 8’ that makes it large enough to offer coverage to at least 2-3 adults from sun, rain, and windstorms.

What We Liked

  • The canopy has been crafted from durable and weatherproof fabric tendering total protection from the elements.
  • Canopy has a silver lining on the underneath for reflecting back UV rays extremely harmful for the skin.
  • The upgraded pole is of hardwearing and lightweight aluminum that can be stably anchored on a variety of surfaces including sandy, grassy, and muddy.
  • The height of the stake can be adjusted according to requirement as screw handle have been provided for anchoring.
  • A total of 16 ribs made from fiberglass form a stable framework for offering good coverage.
  • The canopy can be inclined simply by pushing a button.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Upper shaft may come apart after the contraption has been used for a certain period of time.
  • Quite contrary to what has been claimed by the manufacturer, the stake hasn’t been crafted out a durable material.
  • The screw and the metallic chain that keep the clamp in place tends to corrode within a short time period.

Wondershade Portable Umbrella – Easy To Carry

sport brella xl portable sun weather tent

The Portable Umbrella by Wondershade takes your breath away because of the radiant royal blue hue of the canopy but with a diameter of 60” provides excellent shelter to two adults from rain, sun, and strong winds. The tripod stand can be telescoped for raising or lowering the height of the top.

Another breathtaking feature is that the tilt enhances sun blocking while the flaps allow for the wind to pass through. You then don’t have to worry about the windy weather.

What We Liked

  • The umbrella top has been crafted out of premium grade of fabric that blocks off the stinging rays of the sun, keeps off rain, and resists.
  • The underneath of the canopy has a protective layering to keep out the heat from sun’s rays.
  • There are flaps on every section of the top that let the wind pass through thereby preventing the structure from getting uprooted and/or blown away.
  • The canopy can be sloped or inclined in accordance with the slanting of the rays of the sun.
  • This beach umbrella is not only easy to install and disassemble but also convenient to carry along.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The screw at the end of the upper part of the pole that rivets into the lower part for stable anchoring may not turn to the required extent.
  • The two cup holders are not of much use and may get rusted in the long run.

Baseball Sports Golf Umbrella – Good Quality Fabric

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The Baseball Sports Golf Umbrella marketed and sold by Umbrella Store is a supremely affordable heavy-duty sunshade that offers shelter from the rain and harsh rays of the sun while you’re teeing off. The canopy top is large enough to cover two adults and the fabric is of superlative quality that blocks the UV rays.

What We Liked

  • The top of the umbrella with a diameter of 60” is expansive enough for taking in two adults.
  • The fabric from which the canopy sections have been created is of a superior quality that not only keeps off rain but also blocks out detrimental UV rays of the sun.
  • The ribs 8 in total constructed out of durable material helps in keeping the top open as well as breaks up smoothly when you need to close the umbrella.
  • The supporting handle at the end is of soft foam that lets you hold the umbrella comfortably without compromising on firmness.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not a sports or golf umbrella as the manufacturer would have you believe.
  • Some arms don’t extend or stretch fully when opened swiftly.
  • Stitches which tether the strap to the Velcro may come off while opening or closing

BeachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System – Most Versatile Umbrella

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The beachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella is your personal gazebo on the beach. This beach umbrella reinforced with fiberglass ribs, robust ribbed pouches, and a hardwearing shaft connector furnishes thorough cover from the elements. It is not only a breeze to install but convenient to pack and carry also, thanks to the carry bag supplied with it.

What We Liked

  • Made out of heavy duty yet lightweight materials that makes the product extremely versatile.
  • The upper section of the anchoring pole can be firmly secured to the lower part via an efficient locking mechanism.
  • The anchor collar is strong enough to withstand loads of up to 300lbs.
  • Canopy ribs constructed from commercial grade fiberglass.
  • Rib connectors and running hub also made out of fiberglass are equally functional.
  • Three-year guarantee from manufacturer for replacement in case you misplace it or break it.
  • Comes with a carry bag that makes lugging it remarkably convenient.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Setting up the umbrella properly could take time at least in the first few months as packing the base with sands requires quite an effort.
  • The canopy with all the parts and the add-ons is somewhat heavy making it difficult to carry.

Tommy Bahama – For Most Protection

sports umbrella for windy weather use

The 7-foot beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama has a square-styled canopied top that offers more protection from the elements, compared to other beach umbrellas.

The canopy made of high-grade polyester and the aluminum layering underneath furnishes comprehensive shielding from UV rays. The rustproof post anchors firmly in grass or sand because of the screw at the base.

What We Liked

  • Canopy top crafted out of best grade polyester fabric.
  • The ribs and rib connectors made of fiberglass provide stable support to the umbrella top.
  • The anchoring shaft has been constructed out of industrial-grade aluminum that makes the it not only hardwearing but lightweight as well.
  • The spread of the canopy is large enough to offer shelter to 2 adults from rain, sun, and winds.
  • The underside of the top is layered with SPF/UPF 100 aluminum which screens off the harmful UV rays.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lever which secures the upper part with the lower section of the pole is made of low-grade plastic that may not help in wedging the attachment.
  • The flaps and in fact the entire umbrella flutter vigorously in the event of a strong breeze.

Buyer’s Guide

The best sports umbrella that you choose for making the most of your leisure time at the seafront, park or in the backyard of your home, safeguards you from the damaging UV rays.

At the same time, it should be expansive enough to provide cover to at least a couple more individuals. This sports umbrella should be aesthetically appealing or pleasing and embody your style statement.

To help you select the best sports umbrella, you should consider the following aspects or factors:-

  • The Purpose Or Purposes For Which You’ll Need It – How’d you wish to use the umbrella or to put it more specifically, for what purposes would you open the umbrella? A sports umbrella can be anchored on the beach, put out in the garden for hosting a party or simply for relaxing and occasionally spread out for a short business meet.
  • The Size Of The Umbrella – The size you’ll need will obviously depend upon the number of people you wish to cover under the umbrella. If you’re looking to cover up to 2 people, go for an umbrella that is 5-feet wide and for accommodating 4-5 people, opt for one that is 7-8 feet wide.
  • The Pole Length Matters Too – The longer the pole (supporting the umbrella), the better support it’ll offer to the sunshade. The bigger the umbrella, the longer the pole you’ll need. Also, keep in mind a big umbrella with a long shaft will be heftier and hence heavier to lug.

Besides the above factors, you’ll need to take into consideration a few more aspects while selecting an umbrella.

These facets, amongst other things, comprise the quality of fabric (it should be durable), UVA/UVB shielding capacity, and the capacity to withstand wear and tear. That is, the venting should be robust in order to resist getting turned inside out during a storm or hurricane.

Whether you should choose a plain colored umbrella or one with different color shades is a matter of personal preference.


Summing up, all the sports or beach umbrellas reviewed ticked all the right boxes as sturdy and functional sunshades that could be used outdoors on different types of settings.

If you prefer to go for an affordable umbrella that is easy to install and take down as well as does the basic job of offering protection from the elements efficiently, then choose Procella Golf Umbrella.

If you wish to focus on quality and money’s not a factor, then choose the BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella for maximum effectivity.