Have you ever felt utterly worried about getting injured while playing an intense game of volleyball? Most games might simply be fun and all, but no one can really predict when disaster might strike.

Thus, many volleyball players would rather conduct preventive and protective measures rather than risk getting hurt and possibly ending their bright careers in the sport.

Now, one of these practical measures is to buy a knee pad, which is basically worn to lessen the impact your knees have to endure whenever you fall to the ground or hit something. But which brands and variants can actually be considered as the best volleyball knee pads?

5 Best Volleyball Knee Pads For 2018

Just like other sports equipment, picking the right brand is essential to maximum performance and protection. With the ultimate goal of impact absorption without negatively affecting gameplay, we carefully checked the material and unique features of each product. Below, we’ve identified the five best volleyball knee pads available in the market.

Below, we’ve identified the five best volleyball knee pads available in the market.

Knee PadsMaterialsColors Available 
Mizuno LR6Polyester, Cotton, SpandexBlack, White
ASICS Unisex SliderPolyester, Nylon, RubberBlack, White
Nike Essentials VBPolyester, Rubber, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)Black, White
Mikasa 832Nylon Sleeves, Polyurethane (PU) MaterialBlack, White
ASICS International 2Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon, RubberBlack, White

As you can see, the best volleyball knee pads have similarities in color variants and materials. However, they are all different when it comes to actual performance on the court. For a detailed breakdown of each knee pad, check out our reviews of each of them below.

Mizuno LR6 – Knee Pads That Excel Where It Matters Most

professional volleyball knee pads

The Mizuno Corporation was founded by two hardworking brothers over 100 years ago. They now have established itself as one of the most reliable brands for athletes in various sports, ranging from baseball and football to badminton and volleyball. As a Japanese sportswear company, Mizuno constantly challenges itself to deliver quality goods to ensure optimum performance.

As a Japanese sportswear company, Mizuno constantly challenges itself to deliver quality goods to ensure optimum performance.

With the Mizuno LR6 volleyball knee pads, we found that the company takes every bit of apparel seriously. Branding only the brand name and logo, the LR6 is a delight to use in the court.

In order to be as comfortable as possible, a volleyball knee pad needs to use the right materials.

For the Mizuno LR6, a combination of polyester, cotton, and spandex was utilized. With the non-allergenic polyester fiber, we have assured of color retention aside from readily resisting stains. Essentially, the classic white and black shades of these volleyball knee pads don’t fade away easily.

best volleyball knee pads for injuryThe cotton material also keeps these volleyball knee pads relatively breathable and sweat-absorbent, which should ideally prevent slips in the court.  Additionally, the spandex complements both polyester and cotton by developing both the elasticity and durability of the LR6 volleyball knee pads.

Likewise, you do not have to worry about picking the right size for your knees.

Children around 11 years old and younger can pick the LR6 variant while volleyball players from 12 to 15 years old can get the medium type. If you are 16 years old and above, you can acquire the LR6 knee pads.

Realistically speaking, however, age is as less a crucial factor in picking the right size than the actual height and proportion of the user.

A teenager can have a relatively large build, so a medium might not even suffice. Thus, if your knee size is less than 13.5 inches, the small variant should be good enough. For those with a knee size between 13.5 inches up to 15 should get the medium size.Otherwise, the large version should be chosen by those with a knee size beyond 15.5 inches.

Otherwise, the large version should be chosen by those with a knee size beyond 15.5 inches.

Still, some of us who had bigger calves and thighs than others were quite dismayed by the fit. Sure, they could still wear them, but this knee protector for volleyball somehow felt too tight for comfort.

This slight annoyance can affect freedom of movement throughout games. Thus, we highly recommend you to try them out first to pick the right size to fit your build.

Thanks to the polyester material, the Mizuno LR6 was incredibly durable. After all, this material is also a popular choice for making ropes.

Whether we were playing three sets or going overdrive and finishing five volleyball sets, the knee pads never showed signs of breaking down. Furthermore, we had to commend the fact that the Mizuno LR6 knee pads never got out of their shape. This was important in maintaining the fit around the knees throughout countless matches.

Furthermore, we had to commend the fact that the Mizuno LR6 knee pads never got out of their shape. This was important in maintaining the fit around the knees throughout countless matches.

Another strength of the LR6 volleyball knee pads is the Dynamic Function (DF) Cut, which is a feature commonly associated with the Japanese company. Simply put, this DF Cut is meant to reduce stress as much as possible while also enhancing performance on the court.

This sounded promising, and we weren’t disappointed with the actual results. Our passes were never compromised. Even better is that the hasty, powerful spikes and blocks were executed well since these tough-built knee pads kept our knees moving as freely and as quickly as possible while also keeping them protected from possible falls.

The VS-1 padding was great in guarding not just the kneecaps or the patella but also the sides and middle section of the knees.

Overall, we really found nothing to complain about in terms of impact absorption. The Mizuno LR6 is a thoroughly impressive knee pad that sets a high standard in terms of comfort, durability, impact absorption, and flexibility.

What We Liked

  • ?Exceptional impact absorption with the VS-1 padding
  • ?Amazingly durable and retains shape
  • ?D.F. Cut reduces stress and improves movement
  • Comfortable and stain-resistant

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fit can be too tight for comfort for players with relatively big thighs and calves

ASICS Unisex Slider – Engineered for Utmost Flexibility

best volleyball knee pads for fat legs

Another Japanese brand has made it to our best volleyball knee pads of 2018. The brand ASICS boasts the Unisex Slider volleyball knee pads. While ASICS is prominently known as one of the top makers of impressively designed running shoes, the company has also ventured well into other areas of sports apparel.

With the Unisex Slider, other companies definitely have some competition for the best volleyball knee pads.

Similar to the LR6 knee pads from Mizuno, the Unisex Slider only lightly displays the company logo. After all, the comfort and features should be more than enough to speak on behalf of the brand.

Right off the bat, we were somewhat dismayed by the fact that ASICS only had one size to offer. Apparently, it was a universal size that should ideally be comfortable enough regardless if your knee size was less than 13 inches or greater than 17 inches.

As much as we appreciated the idea, we would rather have different variants of the ASICS Unisex Slider to pick from.

Generally, however, we had a lot of positive things to say about these volleyball knee pads. For one, we found them to be comfortable enough for activities beyond volleyball. For example, several of us loved using them for biking, intense dance workouts, and even as work knee pads. Still, we weren’t primarily searching for a knee protector for work.

best volleyball knee pads for many gamesAside from having a universal size, it seemed as if the Unisex Slider could also be knee pads for general purposes. Still, this greatly speaks of the comfort provided by these youth knee pads.

Secondly, a great thing about these knee pads is the fact that it does not have any latex material. While latex does have its benefits, the possible negative consequences of it are something that ASICS rightfully dealt with.

If they utilized latex for the Unisex Slider, players can develop health problems such as irritant contact dermatitis and latex energy. These issues could lead to sores, skin cracks, swelling, and itching. Thus, the lack of latex in these knee pads was an essential factor for people with latex sensitivity.

Weighing at just 10.4 ounces, these knee pads didn’t slow down our performance. However, one of the things we noticed throughout our volleyball sets in both indoor and outdoor courts was that sweat proved to be problematic for the ASICS Unisex Slider.

While they initially keep you from slipping and forming too much sweat in your knee section, the buildup will eventually be too much.

Yes, you can easily clean these volleyball knee pads with a washing machine and have them available the next day upon drying, but what can one do during the game?

Thankfully, none of us experienced such slips, but the possibility often came around, especially during intense matches.

While sweat was quite a problem, ASICS exceeded our expectations when it came to impact absorption. The Unisex Slider volleyball knee pads were sufficiently thick, measuring to about 1.5 inches.

Yes, this might seem too much for some, but such padding provides the utmost protection for your kneepads. In fact, the size of these volleyball knee pads is big enough to protect even the upper and lower areas of your knees.

They work well as knee protection for running around the court. Of course, the center section is thicker and constructed from polyurethane (PU) foam while the farther sections are quite thin.

Still, this reduced thickness helped us stay flexible and confident that the knee pads won’t suddenly move out of place during physically intensive activities. Moreover, the flexibility of the Unisex Slider was made more apparent with the engineered flex zones – allowing us to accurately bend and move as fast as we could.

The ASICS Unisex Slider might have issues with managing sweat during games and is limited to just one all-around size, but it does leave a positive mark in terms of general usage, impact absorption through a thick padding and wide coverage. In general, it has a brilliant flexibility for optimum performance.

What We Liked

  • ?Good for volleyball and even other physical activities
  • ?Latex-free construction
  • ?Engineered flex zones improves flexibility
  • Superior impact absorption and wide coverage

What We Didn’t Like

  • ?Does not have a variety of sizes to choose from
  • Sweat builds up in the long run

Nike Essentials VB Knee Pads – For Maximum Comfort and Mobility

best knee pads for indoor volleyball

With Mizuno and ASICS delivering their all to provide the best volleyball knee pads, Nike set out with their own stellar pair. The Nike Essentials, just like any other product from the globally-renowned sportswear company, packs quite a lot of features to hopefully outshine the competition.

The Nike Essentials, as the name implies, are volleyball knee pads Nike made with the vision of a minimalist design with an effective performance. Sporting only the iconic Nike logo, the knee pads definitely looked stylish.

Of course, Nike went beyond visual appeal and guaranteed that our knees will be as comfortable as ever before.

The snug fit of these knee pads was a welcome surprise. The Nike Essentials do not feel itchy or irritating at all. Rather, it feels as if they have perfectly conformed to the shape of our knees – as if they were custom-built for each individual volleyball player.

Thankfully, these volleyball knee pads didn’t just rely on a supposedly universal size. Just like the Mizuno LR6, the Nike Essentials knee pads have three sizes available: small/extra small, medium/large, and large/extra-large.

Of course, just like any other sports apparel, knee protection pads are not just chosen because of one’s knee size or height. Factors such as calve and thigh thickness are crucial in picking the perfect knee pads.

Thus, be sure to test each one out. As far as we’re concerned, however, none of us had any problems with the fit.

volleyball knee pads for adults nikeFound in other Nike products, the Dri-FIT fabrication of the Nike Essentials easily dealt with sweat during each and every volleyball game. If staying dry on the court is the most important feature for you, then these are undoubtedly the best volleyball knee pads to get.

Nobody wants to have painful slips and falls while attempting to hit the ball, and Nike made sure that we didn’t had to deal with sweat building up over time.

In addition, the Dri-FIT technology worked by placing the ventilation zones strategically at the back of the knee pads.

Essentially, our sweat-resistant knees felt breathable and a lot cooler thanks to these zones. In an activity like volleyball where it’s easy to feel tired, the inclusion of such a feature is a godsend.

If there was one thing we got irked about these volleyball knee pads, it’s that the padding cannot survive rough games. With each slide and fall, the foam of the Nike Essentials started giving way.

Some of us had minor scratches and bruises, which is a disappointment since they were some of the most comfortable knee pads we’ve ever tested. This is the only issue we have with these knee pads, but it’s definitely a significant factor for players looking for reliable products in the long run.

Still, these knee pads are still favorable if you do not often play aggressively and you are alright with short-term superior comfort. Thus, casual volleyball players will love these knee pads since they will last longer with them.

Consequently, the Nike Essentials knee pads promote natural movement of the knees thanks to their contoured construction. Aside from the comfort of the Dri-FIT fabrication and the breathable zones, Nike managed to support flexibility.

These knee pads might have sacrificed durability, but you get exceptional comfort and movement support that will survive casual use.

What We Liked

  • ?Three sizes to choose from
  • ?Dri-FIT fabrication provides sheer comfort
  • ?Ventilation zones add breathability at the back
  • Contoured construction for natural movement

What We Didn’t Like

  • Padding is only good for casual use

Mikasa 832 – Innovative Knee Pads for Passionate Players

all volleyball knee pads of 2018

Proving that Japan has a lot to offer when it comes to sportswear, our fourth entry features a third Japanese brand that is prominently known for its passion for volleyball.

Mikasa provides equipment for many sports including football and basketball, but it is in volleyball where the company shines.

After all, Mikasa’s volleyballs are the ones used in most volleyball leagues and tournaments all over the world.

With the 832 knee pads, Mikasa clearly utilized what it knows about the sport and how the best players move. As such, the 832 is definitely one of the best volleyball knee pads out there.

We were immediately impressed the moment we wore the Mikasa 832. The comfort they offered was just as good, if not better than the Nike Essentials knee pads. They felt light and utterly snug – we knew that Mikasa created these with the best possible materials they could acquire.

best knee pads of 2018Take note that the 832 are long-style knee pads. So if you want the same excellent comfort in a shorty-style knee pad, go get the Mikasa 830 variant. Personally, we think that the long structure of the 832 is better than the 830, just because it protects a larger area.

In general, we observed that the construction of the Mikasa 832 is exquisite. The professional knee pads are comfortable yet tough at the same time. Mikasa noted that these were made for advanced competition, and we certainly don’t doubt that.

The only thing that some of us found undesirable was that the white variant of these knee pads is prone to stains unlike the resistant white version of the Mizuno LR6.

Still, that’s a minor issue that can be solved by buying the black variant instead.

One of the features the Mikasa has that other knee pads on this list do not contain is the antimicrobial property of the 832. Like any other sport, volleyball can become exhausting pretty fast depending on how you move on the court.

As such, sweat and bad odor can develop with each succeeding set. With the antimicrobial property, we didn’t have to worry at all. There was never any occasion wherein we felt that our knee pads were starting to collect too much sweat and releasing a foul odor.

As if Mikasa wasn’t already on a roll with this feature, the company even included moisture-wicking fabric.

Basically, the 832 are the best volleyball knee pads when it comes to dealing with sweat, bad odor, and excess moisture. All in all, these features kept our knees immensely comfortable.

Furthermore, the 832 knee pads were made through circular elastic knitting, assuring that flexibility won’t be an issue.

Coinciding with Mikasa’s goal of having the most impressive features to ever grace knee pads, the 832 also boasts advanced patella protection. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with these knee pads.

No matter how much we tumbled in the court, our knees didn’t suffer any major bumps. Aside from having Mikasa as the official ball provider in many competitions, we wouldn’t mind it if they required every player to use these for at least one match.

These knee pads are astoundingly durable.

In conclusion, the Mikasa 832 knee pads have exceeded our already high expectations. Stains on the white variant aside, these knee pads have everything you need to perform well: antimicrobial properties, adequate flexibility, exceptional durability, and sheer comfort.

What We Liked

  • ?Antimicrobial and deals with sweat and excess moisture
  • ?Superior durability
  • ?Comfortable and lightweight
  • Maintains flexibility

What We Didn’t Like

  • White variant is prone to stains

ASICS International 2 – Minimalism Combined With Durability

asics slider knee pads international 2

Our fifth entry is the second exceptional knee pad from ASICS. The brand’s Unisex Slide had a lot going for them, but the pros were offset by the fact that the knee pads only had one general size and by the inability to efficiently deal with sweat accumulation.

Dubbed as the International 2, these knee pads seem to challenge the tournament-ready build of the Mikasa 832. However, did they hold up in actual volleyball games?

First of all, we appreciate the minimalist take on the design. While it looks simple, we already knew that the wide coverage of these knee pads wouldn’t let us down.

ASICS chose to use memory foam for the padding of the Unisex Slider knee pads, and it works wonders. Just like any other product utilizing memory foam, the padding here effectively conforms to one’s shape for a perfect fit. A snug fit is achieved – not too tight but enough to keep the knee pads in place.

Those of us who didn’t like the single size of the ASICS Unisex Slider wouldn’t like this one either since the Universal 2 also only has one general size available.

The company says that these knee pads will work fine if your knee size is between 12 inches to 18 inches, but we know that players have physical differences beyond knee size.

However, the difference here is the application of the memory foam. Some of us who had thick calves were surprised that these didn’t make their knees uncomfortable – all because the memory foam accordingly adjusts itself.

A similar characteristic with the Unisex Slider that we appreciated is the latex-free build of the Universal 2 knee pads. You don’t have to worry at all about latex allergies with this volleyball sportswear from ASICS.

Since the ASICS International 2 take advantage of the single yet relatively large memory foam, the impact of each fall and hit is effectively reduced. We had no incidents of knee pains or muscle aches during our numerous matches.

Thanks to the wide coverage of the memory foam padding, there was practically no way for an average slip or fall to make us pained.

These knee pads are primarily made of polyurethane, and we aren’t complaining about it. In fact, we’re glad that this material was used more than polyester, nylon, and rubber.

You see, polyurethane is not only highly resistant to wear and tear, but it also keeps our knees flexible.

The International 2 knee pads also have the ASICS Atomic Wash, which means they have been rigorously tested for durability and wear.

As for in-game mobility, we were impressed with the knee pads from ASICS. No matter the intensity of the matches, our knees didn’t feel the need to give in since the padding and the fit worked together to keep us alright.

What We Liked

  • ?Minimalist design
  • ?Memory foam provides sufficient impact cushioning
  • ?ASICS Atomic Wash ensures durability
  • Latex-free knee pads

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only has one size


Each of the knee pads we’ve picked had a lot of great things going for them, but we are confident that one of them stood out. For the record, a close second for the best volleyball knee pads is the Mizuno LR6, especially with the D-cut and with the VS-1 padding that respectively deals with mobility and impact absorption.Likewise, we wouldn’t mind recommending the Nike Essentials knee pads if you are a casual player.

Likewise, we wouldn’t mind recommending the Nike Essentials knee pads if you are a casual player.

However, if you are a passionate volleyball athlete who constantly plays the sport, the best volleyball knee pads are the Mikasa 832.

The brand is already known for manufacturing the best volleyballs in the world, so we weren’t actually surprised that they also excelled in creating the most amazing volleyball knee pads. The only issue they have is that the white variant can have stains, so simply get the black pair.

The only issue they have is that the white variant can have stains, so simply get the black pair.

Apart from outstanding durability, flexibility, and comfort, the Mikasa 832 knee pads also keep your knees clean by effectively dealing with sweat and excess moisture. In addition, they have antimicrobial properties and the most advanced patella protection knee pads have had yet. Truly, the Mikasa 832

In addition, they have antimicrobial properties and the most advanced patella protection knee pads have had yet. Truly, the Mikasa 832 is the best volleyball knee pads in the world.