Waist cinchers have been used in some shape or form for hundreds of years to keep the midsection tight and taut, but have transformed into something much bigger and trendier in recent years.

Applying high amounts of compression on the midsection for hours at a time has been believed to help train the core to get stronger, and while there are no scientific studies to confirm this, for the time the cinchers are worn, there’s a definite minimization in size.

So, which are the best waist cinchers? Well, sit back and relax and you’re about to find out!

Top 5 Waist Cinchers For 2018

Here’s a quick overview of the five best waist cincher that we’re going to talk ab0ut!

ProductMaterial(s)At a GlanceURL
Eleady Underbust CorsetPolyester/SpandexZipper closure, hand wash, designed to make you sweat, u-type anti-droop design, armpit and back control, three hook-and-eye columns
Comery Men's Waist Trainer VestNeoprene/NylonSauna vest, zipper, makes you sweat, high-compression, best product for men, improves posture, provides lower back support, worn under over over clothes
LMB TrainerLatexFlexible boning in front and back, hooks and zipper, longer torso, slims abdomen and back, posture support, bust lift
Ann Chery Faja ClasicaCotton/LatexVery soft interior liner, two columns of hook-and-eyes, Felix boning, durable exterior layer of latex
Ann Chery Trainer and ShaperCotton/LatexSoft inner layer, 2 different hook rows, very high compression, durable exterior latex layer

Now that you’ve had a chance to take a little overview of each of the best waist cinchers, scroll down a bit more so that you can read in-depth about each one you’re interested in!

Eleady Underbust – Best Budget Product

hourglass waist cincher

One of the best waist cincher Amazon has featured, is the Eleady Women’s Underbust Cincher.

It’s one of the most friendly waist cinchers to wear if you’re very active, and want one that is going to be nice and flexible enough for the gym but is still going to give enough compression and support.

The design will really make you sweat like crazy, which is one of the goals of this waist trainer. The Sweat Enhancing Thermal Vest intensifies perspiration in your core more than your average gym clothing or other fajas will.

You’ll see three individual columns of hook-and-eye closures. This allows you to have three different levels/intensities, or if you are losing weight, then you can adjust as you go. The vest style is also convenient in more active situations, as the “regular” tube-like designs can get all bunched up or ride up or down as you work out.

In addition to making you sweat more, it also defines the waistline and smooths out the body for a sleek look. It minimizes bumps so you can boost your confidence. We don’t recommend wearing it with bodycon dresses unless you have sleeves, because you may be able to see the extra straps, however, it’s a personal preference.

Something else that’s unique to the Eleady on our list, is the U-type, anti-droop bust design which keeps everything pushed up. It also controls any stubborn armpit and back bulges that may happen with your traditional waist cincher.

The product comes in size small, all the way to size 4XL, and we recommend checking the exact measurements online. It comes in two colors: black, and a light pink.

What We Liked

  • Great for exercise and active lifestyles
  • U-type, anti-droop design to push up bust and control armpit/back bulge
  • 3 columns of hooks for adjusting to your preference

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not recommended for use with sleeveless bodycon dresses

Comery Waist Trainer – Best Product for Men

latex waist cinchers for weight loss

You didn’t think we’d forget about the men, did you? Men may not want an hourglass figure, but they definitely want a more defined midsection, and the Comery Waist Trainer helps them get there.

Much like the previous waist trainer for working out, this one is also a vest-style. It’s made of 80% neoprene, and 20% nylon, which makes it nice and elastic, smooth, yet durable.

The sauna vest works to burn more fat than you normally would, through making you sweat so much. It also helps to keep your body warm during colder temperatures, which is always nice during winter time!

The zippered look makes it super easy and quick to get in and out of the vest, and lets you put it on at a moment’s notice. The training vest can be worn either over or under your regular shirts, but it’s definitely more comfortable to wear it under!

The thick material creates a higher amount of compression, which means more sweating and heat, helping you get rid of some toxins, and increase your metabolism. In addition, it helps support the lower back and the abdomen, improving posture.

The one thing that really bothered us, however, is that the “sleeve” area kind of cuts in or rubs on some users, depending on arm size. So, make sure to take this into consideration if you’re going to be active with it!

What We Liked

  • Made of soft, stretchy, yet solid/durable material
  • Improves posture and supports lower back
  • Helps make you sweat more, thus, helping you lose weight

What We Didn’t Like

  • The sleeves kind of cut in or rub when doing exercise

LMB Trainer – Best Product for Long Torsos

best waist cincher shapewear reviews

Some of the best waist shapewear out there, the LMB Waist Trainer Corset is crafted using Colombian technology and design, resulting in a product that gives you a defined hourglass figure right when you put it on.

Something a bit different about this design is that it’s actually made with comfort and mobility in mind.

In addition, it works to help improve posture for those who have issues slouching in front of the computer or watching Netflix. Made of soft Colombian latex, you’ll find that you’re instantly warmer, which results in a boosted metabolism and fat loss.

Two flexible boning rods in the front and rear enable a secure, yet flexible fit. Three rows of hooks let you adjust according to your preferences and size. The soft, cotton fabric lining is gentle against the skin.

Probably the most appealing part of this faja is the fact that it’s longer than your average waist trainer. This makes sure everything is slim; a common issue with so many waist trainers is that while it gives an hourglass figure, in those with longer torsos, they find they have bumps and lumps towards the armpits and lower hips. This solves that issue.

So, where are the downsides?

Well, we weren’t huge fans of the fact that it was a bit difficult to put on at first, but it will get easier over time when you put it on more regularly.

What We Liked

  • Made of soft Colombian latex with a cotton interior
  • Longer than most, which is great for smoothing and for those with longer torsos
  • Three different levels of adjustments

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be difficult to put on at first

Ann Chery Faja Clasica – Editor’s Favorite

waist cincher clearance

Debatably the best waist trainer brand, Ann Chery consistently produces wonderfully-designed waist cinchers, and the Faja Clasica is no exception. Wrap the Faja Clasica around your midsection, and you’ll instantly see your waistline reduced by quite a bit.

Three inches, actually.

Both the external and inner layers are made of complete latex, which is a material common in Colombian waist cinchers, where the product actually originated. It also features a soft common liner so that it doesn’t stick to your skin.

Just like the others, it works to create thermal activity, making you sweat more during your workouts, thus helping you lose extra fat.

The Flexiboning supports work to keep the Amazon latex waist trainer in place without being too stiff or uncomfortable. The dual column hook-and-eye closure may not be as ideal as the three rows featured on many of the others on our list, but it works well.

In addition, it works to improve posture or at least remind you if you start slouching.

The only thing we didn’t like was the fact that it can be a bit difficult to select the right size, and with only two rows of hooks instead of three, there’s a bit less adjustability. Otherwise, we were really impressed.

What We Liked

  • Works to boost metabolism by making you sweat more during workouts
  • Flexiboning supports while remaining flexible
  • Reduces waistline by three to four inches

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only features two rows of closures

Ann Chery Trainer and Shaper – Best Product for Use Under Bodycon Dress

best waist training corset reviews 2018

The Ann Chery Trainer and Shaper is quite similar to the Faja Clasica, but there are a couple of differences. However, the same level of quality and construction is still there, which is why we had to put two of their products on one list!

Shape your body with this latex waist training corset without it suffocating you or making you feel too uncomfortable. It works to sculpt and smooth your waist the moment you put it on.

The cotton lining makes sure you’re nice and comfortable, and the latex exterior works to make you sweat more during your workouts. This helps you burn more fat from your midsection. The three hooks let you adjust it to your comfort level, or as you lost weight.

They’re also great for everyday use, or to help recover your body shape after giving birth. One thing that we really recommend you pay close attention to before purchasing, is making sure to check the various sizes and the exact measurements.

We love this style because it works to boost the bust, yet doesn’t promote any bulges near the armpits or down on the hips. For this reason, we recommend it for use under the tightest dress you have in your wardrobe!

Otherwise, we really liked this waist trainer and how comfortable and adjustable it was!

What We Liked

  • Soft cotton lining and durable latex outer
  • Comes with three rows of hooks
  • Boosts the bust without promoting bulges around armpits or on hips

What We Didn’t Like

  • Really need to pay close attention to sizing and measurements before purchasing

Best Waist Cincher – Buyer’s Guide

You’ve already read about the best waist cinchers, but which one to get? To help answer that question for you, we’ve created this buying guide so you have no doubts about which one to put in your shopping cart!


The fabric that your waist trainer is made out of is essential to how you’re going to use it and the results you’re going to see. If you don’t pick a sturdy material like latex or polyester you may see your product deteriorate faster than you want it to.

In addition, you want it to be soft enough to be somewhat flexible because if it’s not, it’s going to dig into your sides. No matter how good it may make you look, you’re not going to want to wear something that is just uncomfortable.


As you may have noticed, there are different types of closures for each waist trainer. Some feature a zipper, some feature two rows of closures, and some even have three. If you don’t feel like you need to adjust the product, then using a zipper closure is just fine.

However, if you think you’re going to lose a good amount of weight or may not be certain about the sizing, then go ahead and choose one with three rows of closures.


You may have also taken note that there’s not just one shape of waist cinchers; they come in styles like the classic tube shape or a vest, and some are an even full body, but we haven’t included any on our guide, today.

The vest has its benefits, as it stays in place better during exercise and doesn’t move all over the place that some others could. However, they’re not ideal for sleeveless tops or dresses, because you can often see the straps, or they can cause any fat around the upper back or armpits to bulge out.

The standard design is ideal for sleeveless dresses and tops, but they may be a bit more uncomfortable or move around during exercise. If this happens, the movement will be slight; just something to keep in mind.


It’s also important to remember that for the first couple of days, only wear your new product between two to four hours a day, maximum. Make sure not to wear it too tight, and make sure you can hook the first set of clasps the first time you wear it.

Afterwards, you can start increasing it for an hour or so each day, but we still recommend keeping it at four hours a day, maximum. It’s all up to your preferences.


We really liked each of the products on our list today, but our favorite was the Ann Chery Faja Clasica. First of all, Ann Chery is the leading producer and creator of waist cinchers, which says a lot. Oh, and the Faja Clasica is the top-selling product from them, so take from that what you will!

It’s relatively comfortable, considering what the product does. It has a soft lining, and the latex is stretchy yet causes the body to heat up around the center and burn more calories. It has the ability to reduce the waistline by three or four inches, as well! It’s flexible, yet provides enough stability to really give that hourglass shape.

So, which best waist cincher is going to end up on your doorstep?